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Game Thread "Fezzig Logic" Twins vs. Cubs 7:10 cdt 9/1/2021 ad

Message added by Squirrel,

Hey ... help us out ... we have many open dates the month of September to start game threads. It's easy ... just write whatever you want in the OP, post it and get the convo started! Oh, and post the lineups, if available ... easy peasy! Contact/PM stringer bell!

In the spirit of "look, 4 white horses. and there are 4 of us", and with blatant apologies to Mr. Letterman, and the decade of the 90s, here are the top ten reasons for watching tonight's game (and perhaps complaining about it on a game thread)

10: Andrelton Simmons is playing short stop and batting

9: Willians Astudillo is playing first base and batting

8: Ryan Jeffers is catching and batting

7: Brent Rooker is playing left field and batting

6: Miguel Sano is hitting designatedly and batting

5: Josh Donaldson is playing 3rd base and batting

4: Rob Refsnyder is playing right field and batting

3: Jorge Polanco is playing 2nd base and batting

2: Byron Buxton is playing center field and batting

1: Joe Ryan is pitching!


Cubs just have 1 reason so far: Justin Steele is pitching (and i might forget to post something if i wait)


I like our chances!

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2 hours ago, Brock Beauchamp said:

My most-anticipated Twins game since Opening Day!


Kinda figured whatever i did as an intro clever presentation wise was already upstaged by Joe Ryan, so i decided to live with that.


Oh, the other guys:


1. Rafael Ortega (L) CF

2. F. Schwindel (R) DH

3. Ian Happ (S) LF

4. Patrick Wisdom (R) 3B

5. Matt Duffy (R) 2B

6. Jason Heyward (L) RF

7. Austin Romine (R) C

8. Alfonso Rivas (L) 1B

9. S. Alcantara (S) SS

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1 minute ago, gunnarthor said:

I will say I like how fast Ryan pitches. Catches the ball, gets the sign,  throws the ball. Not quite Mark Buerhle but pretty good. Hope that never changes. 

The pitch clock enforcement in the minors is probably training a few of the younger pitchers well

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