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Twins Acquire RHP John Gant for J.A. Happ

3 minutes ago, Tibs said:

I still can't believe this.

Who overpaid more:

The Blue Jays for Berrios or the Cardinals for Happ?

I chalk it up to the Twins FO adroitly negotiating through the SuperSecretMLBTradeRumors.com that you and I never see, letting word out that there was steadily increasing interest in JA Happ and teams better get their offers to them in a hurry or risk missing out.

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Anything for Happy & Robles is a win just because they are now, thankfully, off the roster.

Cruz trade made great sense and whi says we cant sign him next year.

Berrios leaving is a sad situation. 

Maybe the Twins will be in position to bid for his services in 2023..

The win now window with this team has closed. They blew it by not signing a closer for 2019 & 2020.

If they learn anything it is when you are close, you only have a 1-3 year window to win with the talent you have before they become to expensive. You therefore MUST acquire the pieces you need to get to the top when your window is open. Not doing that, then selling off the pieces and trying to live on future hope,  is what always dooms this franchise. (2019 & a closer like Rosenbaum comes to mind. Rogers, Duffy, May & Rosenbaum would have been a formidable pen) This years bullpen was a joke.

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