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Game Thread: Twins Vs. Tigers, 7/26/21 @ 7:10pm CT

4 minutes ago, AceWrigley said:

We have an uptake? Is it solar powered?

Online webster:


"Definition of uptake

1: the act or action of grasping with the mind : UNDERSTANDING, COMPREHENSION —usually used in the phrases quick on the uptake and slow on the uptake"


And no, i don't have an uptake. This i sthe problem...

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24 minutes ago, mikelink45 said:

Boomstick night!  They just talked about all the editing that was needed on the radio.  Great timing.  I believe the boomstick was intercepted by an alien ray or rays?

That's right!

Ihope that increased our leverage... "Can't trade him away before the bobblehead night" "how 'bout we add another pitcher?"

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