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Buxton and Berrios Extensions Becoming Murky

If Berrios was a free agent, the Twins almost surely would offer $20M per year; they reportedly offered that to Darvish and Wheeler.

If they want him, they need to take a deep breath, accept that they aren’t getting the still-in-arbitration deal nearly every other young pitcher takes, and get over it.

This is Minnesota, we’ve got decades of experience to know that we don’t get off easy trying to keep our players. Accept it, live with it and deal with it.

Or you know, dwell on it, be spiteful about the bad break and keep on not winning championships.

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14 hours ago, Major League Ready said:

You have picked a couple rather extreme anomalies.  You have established a team could payout these amounts.  You can also personally spend more than you make in a given year.  It does not make it a sustainable way to succeed.  

You also omitted a crucial piece of information.  How did Baltimore and Kansas City do those years with record payrolls?  KC was 80-82 and Baltimore was 75-87 good for last place.  You also failed to mention that the Padres averaged under $72M a year for the last 15 years and spent over $100M twice.  $110M in 2015 and $104M in 2019.  I think they banked enough cash to go wild for a year.  Also, the Padres team is what it is as a result of great drafting and development, including the trades they were able to make as a result of an extremely deep prospect pool.  So, the Padres are much more of an example of what you arguing against than for.

I guess we could add that KC did not have a true Ace when they won the WS.  We could add that Baltimore  did not have a true ace either during their run.  They had a rotation of 2s and 3s. 

We could also look at how much other small market teams that DO RATE amongst the lowest team ERA and see how they are doing it.  Tampa Bays top paid SP is $6.5M.  They traded away a Cy Young pitcher and let their top SP in terms of WAR walk in free agency. Oakland's top paid SP is paid $6M.  They do have a RP they are paying $11M but he has not completed an inning this year.  Their top two SPs (WAR) they got by trading away an established player for a prospect.  Their 3rd SP in terms of WAR they got for "cash considerations".   Even the Dodgers with all their revenue ... How did they acquire their 3 top SPs,  They drafted and developed them.

I guess the point is your evidence of the need to spend  big to get an ace (or win) is full of holes.  You went looking for examples of spending instead of looking for examples of winning.

I like your field of stuffed strawmen. :) Very rustic!

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1 hour ago, bean5302 said:

I like your field of stuffed strawmen. :) Very rustic!

How is this a strawman?  .  I am not being coy.  I am wondering what's you point.  Throwing strawman out there is a good way of saying nothing when you don't like the message.  Are you saying the fact these teams did not win is irrelevant.  Did KC or Baltimore have an ace I am not aware of?  Is it or is it not true SanDiego has averaged under $80M for the past 15 years?  Are you saying small market teams can be successful building a rotation via signing elite free agents.  What are you saying?  I would love to see hard evidence (examples) instead of "strawman".  That's a copout.

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