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Game Thread: Twins vs. Yankees, 6/10/21 @ 7:10pm

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Wow, is this ugly. Let the drinking begin! 

West of the river is outside of the provider network.  East is in. South of the river...  you stop and you hold everything.  

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5 hours ago, cHawk said:

What was Boone doing leaving Chapman in?

Excuse me? The Twins got four hits in the span of five pitches. This was a textbook ambush, a total blindside, especially when one considers that it was the Twins against the Yankees. No manager could have done anything about it. I only wish I had stayed up to watch. And I wish I could hear a replay of John Sterling calling the bottom of the ninth.

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4 hours ago, Longdistancetwins said:

I went to sleep in the 8th.  Reminds me of the time I went to sleep in the 10th on the day the rookie Kent Hrbek made his major league debut at Yankee Stadium.  It’s okay.  I’ll take it!

Oh-oh. There it is. Synchronicity. Now you will have to nod off in later innings of all future games against NYY. Failure and the resulting loss will be on your conscience forever. Bummer.

On the positive side, sleeping is better than, say, having to don the same underwear without ever laundering, or overstepping cracks in the sidewalks a full 24 hours b4 each game. It is a burden to bear, but only you can do it. At least you can do it from your favorite chair, and know that we are all pulling for you.....counting on you.....no pressure.......and happy dreams! And thank you for delivering the victory😀


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