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GAME THREAD: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals, 6/3/2021, 7:10 PM CDT

2 minutes ago, Irishman said:

Celestine was dumbest player.  What was he trying to impress?  Wonder if he can sleep good tonight?

Are you blaming him for the cf collision?

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4 minutes ago, AceWrigley said:

3 hours and 2 minutes of baseball . . . crap.

The internet and overnight delivery have made us impatient, but some good things take time...

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GAME THREAD is a brave new comedy surrounding the slapstick antics of nine players on a team feigning to be baseball players. If you're itching to say, "That didn't really just happen, did it?" just tune in to this soon-to-be smash hit and watch the follies unfold before your very eyes.

As this is an interactive comedy, your insightful barbs will become part of the fun. Tickets are free, so why not join?

*Not responsible for any broken furniture or injuries resulting from such actions that occur during the show.

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1 hour ago, insagt1 said:

And the rookie clown show rears its ugly head as the Royals get a gift-wrapped run on a pair of silly errors. Wow. {even the Turtle wouldn't have botched it that badly)

I think the Turtle is way smarter than that.

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