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I'm excited for this team's future, here's what I would do this offseason: (admittedly, I'm an idiot compared to Mr. Guerin who has done amazing work since taking over)

Expected Salary Cap: 81.5

Wild Salaries already committed: 59.5 

Cap Space: 22M

First act: Buy out Victor Rask so his punishing brand of hockey to viewers is relieved.  Fans rejoice in the streets.  (Saves 2.67M this season with a buyout of 1.33 this year and next)  Cap Space: 24.67

Second Act: Trade Matt Dumba to Florida for Pick 27 and their 3rd Round Pick  (I love Dumba actually, but I think his injury last year has resulted in a player who will never quite be the same.  Plus, you can't deal Spurgeon or Suter.  Brodin is a beast.  He's the guy left)  Cap Space: 30.67

Expansion Draft: Use the 7-3-1 Protection  Protect Parise, JEEK, Fiala, Zuccarello, Greenway, Sturm, Fogliano, Suter, Brodin, Spurgeon, and Kahkonen

This leaves Seattle to choose from Soucy, Talbot, or Hartman.  They'll choose Soucy without a doubt.

Cap Space is now 33.5M


Marcus Johansson: Bye

Nick Bonino: 2 years 6M

Nick Bjugstad: Bye

Victor Rask: I just wanted to say bye again enthusiastically

Kevin Fiala: 6 years 36M

Kaprizov: 4 years 20M (I'd go more, but I don't think he will)

Joel Eriksson Ek: 5 years 25M

Ian Cole: 2 years 7M

Remaining Cap Space: 11M

Free Agency and Trading:

Trade a 3rd and a 4th to Montreal for D Joel Edmundson (Big, physical, smooth skating guy on a reasonable deal.  Adds serious size to the blue line) Cap:7.5

Sign Philip Danualt to a 5 year 27.5M deal (Center with good defensive chops, can win faceoffs, and has decent size) Cap: 2M

That last 2M will be for filler guys and a little wiggle room.





Kaprizov-Danualt-Zuccarello (No Rossi here because I think this line is too small with him.  Danualt is an ideal fit for these two)

Parise/Greenway-Ek-Foligno  (Bumping up Parise assuming he's still here.  If he's gone....all the better, but he fits with this group)

Boldy-Rossi-Fiala (Finally....Fiala plays with people who don't suck)

Sturm-Bonino-Hartman (This fourth line can score, grind, frustrate the hell out of people.  In other words....they'll make you fall in love with them)

Odd guy out right now: Greenway or Parise.  I'm not sure how this plays out, but I hope it's with Parise out and Greenway back with that line

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We finally struck gold finding a game changing goal scorer in Kaprizov. That alone changes the whole outlook of the organization. We’re set up well to get younger and faster, with a solid D core and 2 good goalies. 

Michael Russo wrote about the upcoming decisions this summer. There’s so many moving parts in hockey contracts. He writes that Parise will be an ongoing issue if he doesn’t accept that he’s in the veteran role player phase of his career. 

I wonder if Seattle would view Dumba as a good face of the franchise type guy as they start their organization? He’s a highly respected person on and off the ice, and would take a large contract off our hands. Addison could/should be ready to take on a full time role on the NHL team, and the rest of the unit is established. 

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The Parise thing is impossible to predict without being behind the scenes.  Ideally, in my eyes, you find a way to get rid of him.  He's not a bad player, but dumping that contract would be a godsend.  It's the biggest question to me.

Rossi and Boldy are coming and that means Johanssen and Rask are gone.  There may be other prospects available to call up too.  There are a lot of moving parts only because Guerin retooled the roster with a bunch of expiring contracts so he could rebuild it.  

I can't wait to see what Kaprizov and Fiala can do with some competent players around them.  Between the two of them they had only one competent player helping them (Zuccarello) otherwise they created all of their production with a bunch of scrubs.  

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