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Game Thread: Twins vs. Baltimore, 5/25/21 @ 6:40pm

2 minutes ago, Squirrel said:

yikes ... baltimore's crew just announced that the Twins have blown 16 games this year and that this is a 'gettable game'

There is a non-zero chance that could happen.

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Just now, Hosken Bombo Disco said:

Do you remember that postseason game in Cleveland when Joba Chamberlain was pitching, and they suddenly swarmed him and the game had to be stopped? 


I believe those were technically called “midges”, and I thoroughly enjoyed it 

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1 minute ago, USAFChief said:

One sentence???!!??


Who are you and what have you done with doc?

LMAO! Tired and blew my energy reserve with a couple posts before sneaking in. I will endeavor to do better!

Berrios struggled some but can't argue with the results. He batt,led! That's what a good pitcher does. 

Can't believe Refsnyder has been playing a solid CF and actually hitting and producing, Enjoy your time in the sun my man! Keep it up!


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4 minutes ago, D. Hocking said:

I noticed how hardly any of the players have a Doris Day song as their walk up music anymore.fcfbf27486529248f6c173add37fee46--baseba

tsk ... old school baseball is gone forever

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8 minutes ago, mikelink45 said:

How do I judge plays, hits, pitches against a team like the Orioles?

You don't try to quantify it. You just enjoy your team winning and suddenly playing better.

It's kinda like drinking Busch Lite vs drinking Stella. You could have just spent a little more for better...but...it's cold and does the job.

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