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Game Thread: Twins vs. Baltimore, 5/25/21 @ 6:40pm

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You'd think you'd be sure of your sister's name.    

Not to be confused with "Madges"    

"Bad bullpen?  You're soaking in it!"

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3 minutes ago, USAFChief said:

Oh, I'd love to see an Oscar winning performaaaaance.


That is what I'd truly love to see-ee-ee.


For if I saw an Oscar winning performance.


I'd get the reference to the doctor dre.

Chief patiently explains to the trooper that the real perpetrator passed him going 100 in an identical Wienermobile...


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1 minute ago, Brock Beauchamp said:

Wow, Donaldson is SO SLOW. 

He's never been fast, but this season he's encroaching on 'Mickey Tettleton with gout and a 3rd degree bunion' territory. 

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