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Game Thread: Twins vs. Baltimore, 5/25/21 @ 6:40pm

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You'd think you'd be sure of your sister's name.    

Not to be confused with "Madges"    

"Bad bullpen?  You're soaking in it!"

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Does it not seem that Sano gets 'under' most pitches, or am I overreacting to how much I don't like his approach. I don't care if he pushes most counts full. He also spends a lot of time in 0-2, 1-2 counts. I know his advanced stats look good, I just don't see it. Do like his D at 1b

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5 minutes ago, USAFChief said:

I just want to point out the Twins are undeated with Chief in attendance.


Un. De. Feat. Ed.


I'm available all summer. Ya'll might want to consider setting up some sort of crowd source thing to fund my attendance right through the WS.


PM me for info on where to send the funds. 

There not only undeated, they haven’t lost any games! 🧐

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5 minutes ago, IndianaTwin said:

Plesac to the IL. Broke his right thumb. 

Dude -- when you're angry, rip off your shirt with your non-throwing hand. 

The big development in bowling over the past decade has been the two handed delivery, no thumb in the ball.


Maybe Plesac could try that. Two handed delivery, no thumb.

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3 minutes ago, LaBombo said:

No matter how hard I try not to, I still get disappointed when I hear the 'Still D.R.E.' walkup music and don't get to see Alonzo take a turn at bat...


I'll take "musical references I don't have a clue about" for $300, Alex.

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