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Game Thread: Twins vs. Baltimore, 5/25/21 @ 6:40pm

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You'd think you'd be sure of your sister's name.    

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"Bad bullpen?  You're soaking in it!"

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9 minutes ago, Nine of twelve said:

If the reviewer feels the outcome of the play is not clear s/he is not forced to make a call. S/he would simply rule inconclusive.

In theory, sure.  I wonder if that's how it would actually be applied.  That almost seems self defeating.  "We can't tell" seems like dodging the question.  

Again, I'm not opposed to the idea.  The current form is far from perfect.

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2 minutes ago, jkcarew said:

47 pitches to get through 2 innings. Most, not all, his fault. Against a nothing lineup. Our ace.


Errors and missed strike calls happen, but the orioles lineup isn’t exactly the 61 Yankees 

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