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Game Thread: Twins vs. Baltimore, 5/25/21 @ 6:40pm

1 hour ago, USAFChief said:

I just want to point out the Twins are undeated with Chief in attendance.


Un. De. Feat. Ed.


I'm available all summer. Ya'll might want to consider setting up some sort of crowd source thing to fund my attendance right through the WS.


PM me for info on where to send the funds. 

The Twins are now undefeated in the next game after the game that you attended.   Our crowd source funding target just got cut in half.  I hope you're OK with going every other day. 


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26 minutes ago, denarded said:

You're right, Sorry for being hyperbolic. Althought I did think he was closer to 30 than 25. The curse of coming up young I guess

No, you’re right, either John or Aaron said “almost 30” in the podcast, you’re not misquoting them. 

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