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Game Recap: Twins 5, Athletics 4

15 hours ago, Hosken Bombo Disco said:

I guess If it was hit into the flower pots on the overhang, it’s probably just a deep fly out in 7 of 8 parks?

Target Field right field wall is not particularly short. Pretty average distance in MLB.

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3 hours ago, ashbury said:

The first-inning HR by Olson was disappointing. Berrios got him to an 0-2 count, then couldn't quite finish him, and eventually on 3-2 he gave him a center-cut fastball. I realize this is second guessing, but it was the difficult AB (don't want to run up the pitch count, don't want to walk him) that can make or break a pitcher's game on a given day. Berrios is SO CLOSE to being a dominant starter, with his excellent assortment of pitches, but there is some final tip that he's not getting from his pitching coach on what to do when the going gets tough.

Yeah it's like every 9th pitch is a fastball grooved down the middle.

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16 hours ago, Danchat said:

From how I understand it, basically this is only a HR in places with a short RF, so only in Target Field and maybe Yankee Stadium, anywhere else that's a flyout.

You need to account for the high wall...and add that to the distance. Many balls off the Target Field high right field wall would be a HR in Yankee Stadium. Right Field and especially Right Center play very very long.

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Atta T'ins. It feels better than a loss.

And remembering as a kid waking up in the morning and digging for the box scores in the newspaper to see who hit home runs in last night's game. Never having to read how low it was, or how soft it was or in which other stadiums it would have been an out. Just letting it be a home run..


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