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I'll echo what was posted earlier--with a bit of plate discipline, Astudillo could be a really good hitter. However, he swings at everything and the incredible contact skills are barely a footnote. No, he doesn't strike out but he hits bushels of weak popups and grounders, mostly on pitches outside the zone. 


I will give La Tortuga credit for being an acceptable fielder on the corners and wherever he plays, he is fundamentally sound and prepared. 


As others have said, he is versatile and doesn't need to play every day. That he has played as much as he has shows a problem. He is not the problem himself. 

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On 5/9/2021 at 11:44 AM, Minny505 said:

Huh? People are hating on Astudillo? I hear/read nothing but praise of the player, minus one podcast host (of the 20 MLB/Twins podcasts I listen to). 


Twins Daily loves him. Twitter loves him. Fangraphs loves him. The Ringer. Twinkie Town. The Athletic. Etc.


This seems like a defense looking for an accusation.

You could have just written an article praising Astudillo for being a solid 26th man instead of making up a non-existent narrative.

(sorry for the harsh criticism, but I detest blogging and journalism that is trying to stir up controversy)

There is a vocal minority that doesn't like him.  This post isn't to stir up controversy, but I would add it's not going to change their opinion.  However, this doesn't mean it's not worth talking about.

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the years of the true baseball characters - that could also play - seem to be well behind us. Mark Fidrych, Luis Tiants, Fernado Valenzuela, Bill Lee - ok, character pitchers but, the point is, he's a decent player that is bringing fun back to the game. getting fans engaged. he's having fun! and right now dollar for dollar - not pound for pound - he's the best value they have on the roster. on a bad day he brings me happiness when i see him play.

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