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Game Thread "Hidden Fortress" Twins vs. Rangers 6:40 cdt 5/4/2021 ad

I think i got the honor of introducing the game thread... 2 years ago? And so i've probably worked out a well travelled groove of Star Wars jokes already. You all are welcome to make them, i'm going to devote this here intro space to pontificate upon the acknowledged inspiratoin for Star Wars:


The Hidden Fortress.


I highly recommend you watch it if you're into that sort of thing. Indeed, pretty much any Akira Kurosawa movie is worth seeing at least once (with subtitles as needed) If i had to (and that's the corner i'm painting myself into) summarize a baseball related theme of the movie, it's... Free Agency (with nod to player development) it has epic showdowns. Our R2D2 and C3PO characters get called up to the majors in the beginning of a long west coast road trip, and well, high adventure ensues. There is a fire festival, where our heros' bats really heat up (that is a stretch, but an entertaining one) and they get a key free agent for the stretch run.  Sorry i'm too lazy to develop theme more substantially, and perhap it would be running amiss of my main job... to introduce the game!



0. Kyle Gibson (R ) P
1. Isiah Kiner-Falefa (R ) SS
2. Nick Solak (R ) 2B
3. Nate Lowe ( L) 1B
4. Adolis Garcia (R ) CF
5. Joey Gallo ( L) DH
6. Willie Calhoun ( L) LF
7. Charlie Culberson (R ) 3B
8. David Dahl ( L) RF
9. Jonah Heim ( S ) C



0. J.A. Happ ( L) P

Er... TBA.




As usual, i know next to nothing about our opposition, save that Kyle Gibson on the mound is a familiar name. Folk here have named him after Leela's pet on Futurama, though i'm not sure i get the connection...  Of course, i wish  him the best, though i hope to get to him, not for his misfortune, but i just hope we are better.


I always am happy to watch Buxton playing, and i hope today is no different. I am pleased at the bat Kirilloff is swinging (well more how he is swinging, rather than what he is swinging) And Simmons is fun too. Heck, they're all fun at the best of times.


Anyway, enjoy the game, and if you really want to celebrate May 4th, feel free to chime in on which Twin is which Star Wars character.  And ya don't have to limit yourselves either to just the good guys, nor the original trillogy. The
whole far faraway galaxy is fair game.


Oh, while waitin' for the Twins' line up, i check the news... Arraez is on the 7 day concussion list with Nick Gordan being called up. Both Lin and Riddle apparently have clear waviers. Good for us! Er... Them? Well, simpler for them, probably not better. Perhaps that is how come the line ups are slower today. No, i don't know about Sano...


Alright, i'm done waitin'... Someone add ye olde Twins side of the lineups to the thread!

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Why is Astudillo starting at 1B over Kiriloff?


1. Kepler - RF

2. Donaldson - 3B

3. Buxton - CF

4. Cruz - DH

5. Polanco - 2B

6. Garver - C

7. Cave - LF

8. Astudillo - 1B

9. Simmons - SS


Kiriloff could also be starting in LF over Cave. I guess he gets an off day once in a while? No LH pitchers coming up?

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Community Leader


Happs magic has worn off. Next. Him and Shoemaker can leave anytime now. Hopefully Duran forces the issue with at least one of those guys.


Says that after a bad first inning. Where he (so far) has only given up a single run.

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