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Twins Daily will be down Monday morning, May 10th

An all-new Twins Daily is coming your way! After (way too many) years, we're finally launching a comprehensive reworking of the entire site. I'm super excited about it and I think you will be, too. On top of the new design being much more mobile-friendly, it's going to offer a slew of new features aimed at enhancing the community aspect of the site.


A few things to look forward to:

- Clubs: we'll be bringing back more off-topic discussion in semi-private clubs, which are essentially sites-within-a-site


- Profile customizations: you'll be able to change a lot more about your profile page and interact with other users outside the forums, posting back and forth on pages and following members whose content you want to always catch


- Forums: you'll be able to rate posts, have multiple options beyond "like", search and post animated GIFs without leaving the editor, and have a much more robust set of features to use


- Blogs: ditto for the blogs, there are loads of new features that make it much easier to post into a blog, which will be much more public-facing than they currently are


- More and better documentation for the site: I'm currently working up a set of tutorials that will all be located on one page so no more guessing where to find information how to use these new features


And a lot more. I'm super-excited to reveal all this cool new stuff!

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