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Game Thread "Unexpected Party" Twins vs Pirates 7:10pm cdt, 4/23/2021ad

In a hole in the ground there lived... a Gopher. (Well, this is Minnesota we're talking about) It was neither filled with great green gobs of... nor was it a dry sandy hole where TC the bear might be hibernating. It was gopher hole with no gopher, which can only mean one thing: some one hit a gopher ball! (cue the 2019 Twins promo... oh right... i'm trying to parody great literature, and they didn't do multi media back then)


So much for trying to play off shorter attention spans... Which is my way of saying i'm lazy. And all that by way of saying give the young ones a chance to find their feet. I'd like to have made it to the scene where Rocco answers a bunch of doubting dwarves amongst the fans that if he says Colume is a closer, a closer he is, or will be when the time comes.


We've had a run of hard luck, and are still weathering it, what with so many on the various injured lists. It will be fun to see how we manage (in a Lawrance of Arabia sort of way, perhaps...) And i postulate that convergent strike calls in MLB is another way to generate the Mandelbrot set. If this is true, it would explain a great many things, not the least of which is fan confusion.


And while this was in a different thread, i felt it was too good a straight line to not find its way into a game thread...



Astudillo played CF a tiny bit in 2018, I think. :)

A tiny bit, in the same sense that I can play Hamlet a tiny bit? :)



which evoked this clip (at least the opening 40 seconds):



And if Ash gets to play Hamlet, i wanna be the green egglets!


The question i wish to ask isn't of the "with a goat, in a boat?" variety, rather the "Pittsburgh, i know what you're thinking... did i crack a dozen into that omelet, or only 11. In all the confusion, i lost track myself, but seeing as these are chickens, the most ruthless poultry in the barnyard... You gotta ask yourself, do feel lucky?"


Pittsburgh Pirates

0. JT Brubaker (R ) P
1. Adam Frazier ( L) 2B
2. Phillip Evans (R ) LF
3. Bryan Reynolds ( S ) CF
4. Colin Moran ( L) DH
5. Erik Gonzalez (R ) 3B
6. Todd Frazier (R ) 1B
7. Jacob Stallings (R ) C
8. Wilmer Difo ( S ) RF
9. Kevin Newman (R ) SS


Minnesota Twins

0. J.A. Happ ( L) P
1. Luis Arraez ( L) 2B
2. Josh Donaldson (R ) 3B
3. Nelson Cruz (R ) DH
4. Byron Buxton (R ) CF
5. Alex Kirilloff ( L) LF
6. Jorge Polanco ( S ) SS
7. Mitch Garver (R ) C
8. Jake Cave ( L) RF
9. Willians Astudillo (R ) 1B


and the obligatory "they have begun to arrive." comment goes here for this unexpected party...

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Am I crazy to say I would rather see Gordon at short, Polanco at second, Kiriloff at first, Arraez in left, and Astudillo on the bench?

I don't think so. But even if you were crazy, that's fine too! You'll fit right in here.


I'm also okay with easing Gordon into the thick of things.

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The Twins have not done well when I’ve attended these threads: Should I take today off?

Rumor has it correlation and causation are different.


Live life to the fullest, whichever direction that takes ya!


For me, 'tis also a delicate question, but seeing as i said weeks ago i'd introduce this thread, my foot is

already in my mouth. And seeing as i introduced the game threads on the last 2 wins, i'd at least appreciate the company should this game go sideways...

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Happ is a nibbler at this stage of his career. Doesn’t get a lot of swings and misses and has to live on the edges of the zone.


Someone mentioned Gordon getting playing time at short. I suspect he is as stretched as Polanco there. I don’t hold out a lot of hope for him at this stage in his development.

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