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What’s the Best Baseball Card in Twins' History?

Topps baseball is celebrating their 70th birthday this year and MLB.com teamed up with them to find some of the best cards during those years. Here are five cards that standout for a variety of reasons.As a quick preface, each of these cards won’t make fans rich and they can all be attained fairly easily on the secondary market. This makes it even more fun for those getting into the hobby for the first time.


1985 Topps Kirby Puckett Rookie Card

MLB.com named the Puckett rookie as the most iconic card in team history for a variety of reasons. First, he is quite possibly the most popular player in franchise history. It also helps that his playing career corresponds with a trading card boom unlike any other. Puckett was the face of the franchise as the team ran to two World Series titles. Kids across the upper Midwest idolized the team’s star player and his rookie card made fans feel like they were even more invested in his career. Recently, this card has sold for under $5 if fans are fine with it having some imperfections.


1993 Topps Kirby Puckett Big Bat Card

I loved this card as a kid growing up in the late 80’s and early 90s. Puckett’s personality was larger than life and that is depicted on this card with the giant bat. The same photo graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine in April 1992. The Twins were coming off a dramatic World Series win, and Puckett was the face of the franchise. This card can be acquired for $2 or less, because of how many were produced at the time.


2002 Topps Joe Mauer Draft Picks Card

He was the first overall pick, and he was drafted by his hometown team, so the story doesn’t get much better than that. Now, he seems destined for Cooperstown to join other St. Paul legends like Paul Molitor, Dave Winfield, and Jack Morris. Over the last couple years, the card collecting hobby has really picked up and so has the value of Mauer’s first Topps card. For those interested, the time might be right to invest now before Cooperstown comes calling.

1968 Topps Rod Carew All-Star Rookie Card

Carew’s actually rookie card was in the Topps 1967 series, but he was featured along with fellow rookie, Hank Allen of the Washington Senators. His 1968 card is his first card where he is featured solo, and it is just a beautiful looking piece of cardboard. The All-Star Rookie trophy on the front helps to accentuate the look of the entire card. Depending on the condition, fans can pick one up for under $20.


1986 Fleer Mickey Hatcher Big Glove Card

Hatcher isn’t exactly a Twins’ legend, but this card certainly is one that fans remember across the collecting world. In the card, Hatcher was caught wearing a very oversized glove that looks like it was used either by a team’s mascot or for some type of fan contest between innings. Either way, collectors can get this card for a couple dollars.


What’s your favorite card in Twins’ history? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.



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Baseball cards are outdated. Give me a NFT any day of the week over a physical card. NFT is always in mint condition. Should be some interesting applications in a few years with these. NBA Top Shots are already doing well

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Don't remember the year or line, but there was an Al Newman card where he had a giant booger hanging out of his nose that was a huge favorite when I was a kid. I traded away some pretty valuable cards to get multiples of that one as a youngster, but I'm pretty certain all my cards were thrown away when I went off to college and a quick google search isn't turning it up. But it definitely existed, and it was glorious.

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1965 Oliva

1964 Versalles

1967 Battey

1967 Oliva

1968 Killebrew

1970 Carew

1968 Perry

1968 Kaat

1968 Tovar

1968 Carew

1968 Allison

1964 Killebrew

1972 Blyleven

1972 Carew

1966 Pascual

1966 Versalles

1966 Oliva


A few of my favorites

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Still giggle at the 1983 O-Pee-Chee (Canadian Topps) for Kent Hrbek.


That was a great set due to the picture-n-picture layout plus the classic orange and brown colour scheme. The Hrbek card is especially great because of his "teenager 'stache" and the bilingual position designation. Cue the giggle every time I think "premier-but".?u=https%3A%2F%2Fkronozio.blob.core.wind

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84 Fleer update Kirby Puckett, which is his actual rookie card.


I tried, at one time, to collect every single Puckett card. I believe I was successful, but it's hard to know. Cereal card boxes, marbles with Puckett's picture imbedded...there were SO many, and there would always seem to be another weird one I'd stumble on after much research. I have well over 200 different Puckett "cards."


Anywho...Puckett 84 Fleer update. I have one in near mint condition.


I also have, I believe, every 61 Topps Twins card.

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