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I say lets see what he does.  I have concern for him doing DH mainly as that is not the easiest for some hitters.  Many hitters have talked for years how they prefer to be in the field, and many great hitters have put up better numbers in the field than as DH, but that may be loaded stat based on fact they DH at end of career.  


Overall, he is considered a top hitting prospect and could be just that.  He has yet to face MLB level pitching, save from what he did this spring.  Even if he starts hot, what he does after league scouts him more will be true test. 


His spring numbers are fine, but I remember a few times Hicks crushed in the spring for us only to come out the gates missing every pitch someone threw up there. 

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Vaughn is off to a slow start at the plate (.136/.321/.227, .549 OPS in 28 PA) but did make this catch in LF yesterday:




With Eloy Jiménez still out, Nick Williams cut, and Yermin Mercedes off to hot start at DH, it looks like Vaughn should get a chance as the White Sox primary LF for awhile.

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We'll see if it's just SSS to start  a career, but right now Vaughn is making less than 20% hard contact (despite pulling the ball over 60% of the time), is swinging and missing at a higher rate than Miguel Sano, and is below average against fastballs and changeups (although above average against everything else).

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