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Commission the rings now ... Twins sign Andrew Romine


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I know it doesn't seem like much, but I'm kind of disappointed in this move. This all but guarantees the 26th man is going to have no bat, and if that guy isn't Astudillo, who might still be able fill the no-bat #2 utility infielder and no-bat #3 catcher roles simultaneously, than it guarantees that both the 25th and 26th man will have no bat.


I was really hoping they'd snag Jedd Gyrko, Danny Santana or Zack Cozart for this gig. None are consistent but they at least hold some optimism when it comes to standing at the plate. 

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If he makes the team, he provides versatility that Blankenhorn, Gordon, Riddle or Lin don’t. He can play ss,  3b, or cf. After the super-two cutoff date, Lewis should come up to fill that role, and Romine will be expendable ( or perhaps Cave is expendable at that point).

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Not a bad signing, in my mind. If he makes the team, it allows Blankenhorn the opportunity to play every day in St. Paul, rather than riding the bench for the Twins. He also appears to be better defensively than Astudillo. 


This allows the same thing [potentially] for Rooker. With Romine on the bench for the Major League club, both can play everyday in St. Paul -- instead of riding the bench in backup roles. Guys like Romine -- well, this is the Major League part of his game.

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