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Twins Claim OF Kyle Garlick

While the Twins may be done making high-profile moves this offseason, the front office continues to may tweaks at the edges. On Thursday, the Twins claimed outfielder Kyle Garlick from the Atlanta Braves.The waiver-wire rollercoaster can be awful for players, to be sure. Many have been through it, and that includes the newest member of the Twins organization.


After being drafted by the Dodgers in 2015, he reached the big leagues for 30 games in 2019. Last February, he was traded to Philadelphia and played in 12 games for the Phillies.


Just three weeks ago, days before his 29th birthday, Garlick was DFAd by the Phillies and claimed by the Atlanta Braves. However, when the Braves signed Marcell Ozuna earlier this week, Garlick was put back on the waiver wire. Today, the Twins claimed him.


Garlick spent four years as the University of Oregon. He received a fifth year because of a medical redshirt and played at Cal Poly in Pamona in 2015. The Dodgers drafted him in the 28th round. Already 23, he reached the Midwest League in 2015 and spent most of his 2016 season at Double-A. In 2017, he missed time with an injury and remained in Doube-A where he hit 17 homers in 74 games.


In 2018, he started at Double-A but quickly moved up to Triple-A where he hit .253/.287/.478 (.766) with 18 doubles and 17 homers in 97 games.


In 2019, in 81 games at Triple-A Oklahoma City, he hit .314/.382/.675 (1.057) with 25 doubles and 23 homers in 81 games.


He was called up to the Dodgers and played in 30 games between mid-May and mid-August. In 30 games, he hit .250/.321/.521 (.842) with four doubles and three homers. He played both corner outfield positions.


In 2020’s abbreviated season, he played in 12 games for the Phillies. He hit just .136 with a double in 22 at-bats.


Garlick can play both corner outfield positions, but he has also played eight games at first base (in 2016) in his career.


But clearly, the tool that might excite the front office and fans is his power. He has hit 40 homers in AAA and 30 in AA.


Against lefties in 2019, he hit .292/.364/.708 (1.072) with 13 doubles and eight homers in 99 plate appearances.


It’s entirely possible that bringing in Kyle Garlick can be considered Brent Rooker insurance. Rooker’s forearm should be at 100% for spring training, but he also didn’t get much playing time in 2020, so he could get every day at bats in St. Paul for a little while at the start of the season. After the LaMonte Wade trade last week, Garlick can compete for the 5th outfielder spot with Rooker and Keon Broxton and others.


To make room for Garlick on the roster, the Twins designated LHP Brandon Waddell, putting him back on the waiver carousel. The Twins had claimed Waddell from the Pirates in November.



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Not sure what to think.  They don't have enough left fielders so are grabbing more?  I mean I guess I get it the guy looks like he is about to break out at the MLB level and all you have to do is give up another waiver claim to get him but at some point they are going to need to trade some left fielder depth. I can see why they would like him better than Wade with the power numbers but I thought getting the roster down to 6 outfielders was a good idea.


Oh well I wasn't overly enamored with Waddell either as I think we have better guys in system then him anyway so no real lose there IMO.  If Garlic works out great if not no big deal either.

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  If they were willing to take Waddell of the roster, I thought it might be for a reliever like Greene or Jeffress.  I think this moves tells us the FO is content with the collection of relievers they have on the 40-man.  So Hamilton or Anderson get the final bullpen spot?  Or might they keep Smeltzer or Thorpe as a long man/opener?

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I typed something about a Spicy Transaction, but yeah, I couldn't do that. 

You maybe could not have, but the majority of the wits on here, self included, wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. Btw, is it Vampires or Werewolves that are repelled by Garlick? I assume it’s vampires, since werewolves don’t seem subtle enough for that to work? 

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Is there an amount of time a player must stay on the 40 man roster?

Is he again placed on waivers for Colume?

Nope, you can DFA a guy immediately after adding him. They just DFA’d Ian Hamilton to make room for Colome despite claiming him a few days ago. It’s pretty silly, all things considered.
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