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Most national prospect list have been released over the last few weeks. Here is a look at some of the Twins top talent that fall at the back end of Cody’s Top 20 Twins Prospects.Evaluating prospects in a pandemic certainly presents multiple challenges. Three of these names have yet to make their professional debut and that adds another wrinkle to the evaluation process. Minnesota’s system is deep and any of these names could impact the big-league roster in the years ahead.


20. Danny De Andrade- SS (16-years old)

Acquired: 2021 International Free Agent

ETA: 2025


The 2021 international signing period opened on January 15 and the Twins were expected to be aggressive. De Andrade was the organization’s highest rated signee, but he’s only 16-years old and he’s a long way from making his Target Field debut. Many players at his age are listed as shortstops, but there is no guarantee he will stick at that position. At 6-feet tall and 160 pounds, there is some room to add weight and even more power in the batter’s box. Scouting reports already praise him for his ability to drive the ball to all fields so he will be an exciting player to follow in the year’s ahead.


19. Jose Miranda- INF (22-years old)

Acquired: 2016 2nd Round Pick

ETA: 2021


Miranda has steadily been working his way through the Twins system since the club drafted him back in 2016. As a 21-year-old, he spent nearly all of 2019 at High-A, but he was able to make one appearance at Double-A. This winter he has been playing in the Puerto Rican Winter League and he’s had a strong offensive showing in 15 games. He hit .302/.377/.472 with six doubles and a home run. Fans can expect him to spend most of 2021 at both of the organization’s highest minor league levels with an outside chance of him making his big-league debut.


18. Emmanuel Rodriguez- OF (17-years old)

Acquired: 2019 International Free Agent

ETA: 2025


Rodriguez was Minnesota’s top international signing from the 2019 signing period, when MLB.com ranked him as the eighth best player available. He has yet to make his professional debut because of the pandemic. His best tool is his hit tool, and he is often praised for his baseball instincts. Some compared him to a young Eddie Rosario. When he signed, he was listed at 165-pounds and there are reports that he added upwards of 20 pounds since that point. He trained at home all last year so it will be nice for him to get a chance to work with Twins coaches more regularly in 2021.


17. Alerick Soularie- OF/2B (21-years old)

Acquired: 2020 Second Round Pick

ETA: 2024


Soularie is the third name on this list that has yet to make his professional debut. The Twins took him in the second round of last year’s draft out of Tennessee where he hit .336/.448/.586 in just over a season’s worth of at-bats. In college, he played a lot of outfield in college, but the Twins are likely going to shift him to second base since he profiles better that that position. Some scouts question his approach at the plate, but his raw athleticism should help him to make adjustments when he is able to make his professional debut.


16. Cole Sands- RHP (23-years old)

Acquired: 2018 5th Round Pick

ETA: 2021


Injuries have been part of his professional career as IL trips cost him parts of the 2018 and 2019 campaign. On the mound, his stuff is hard to ignore as he has a mid-90s fastball with some good movement that he combines with a plus breaking ball. Missing the 2020 season was tough on him because it would have allowed him to prove he can stay healthy and build up his innings total. Next winter, he will need to be added to the 40-man roster, so he has a lot to prove during the 2021 campaign.


Which of these prospects stands out to you? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.



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3 complete unknowns on this list, will be interesting to follow them going forward.


Miranda has always intrigued me but he has never put it all together. He physically looks like a ball player who can play all over the infield. Maybe this season he will put it all together and the bat will advance and stick for an extended period.


Sand flat out has to stay healthy to get experience and progress. The complete lost season of 2020 for many of these young guys may be detrimental. Especially for those who missed 2019 or miss time in 2021 due to injuries. Hope he can stay healthy and progress.

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Very disappointed in Miranda two years ago. With the three young kids included, have to believe you are going to omit several worthy selections. Personally, would like to see at least a year of play from these kids before including them in the Twins Top 20.

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Not that I really know anything about him but on paper I didn't care for the De Andrade pick.  He was the only IFA signed that high with essentially average tools across the board except power as he is projected to have above average power.  I know he is only 16 and things change for all of those guys but so many in that range were starting as five tool players it wouldn't hurt this org to have some guys who can run.


Always loved Miranda's hit tool and still do.  I just wish he was able to be more selective at the plate and wait to make contact on better pitches for him to hit.  As the Turtle has shown hitting everything helps with strike outs but hitting stuff out of the zone generally leads to outs as well.  If he can fix that we might have an actual young 3rd baseman.


I really enjoyed box score watching Sands in 2019. The WHIP was low, the K rate there and a strong ERA was the end result.  He just went after guys.  Threw strikes and dared the batter to hit it.  If he continues to be that kind of pitcher I think the Twins have something.  If he regresses then likely reliever material this is a big year for him and with the layoff hard to say how things go out of the gate but I hope the guy from 2019 shows up in 2021.

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I have heard all too often as to how detrimental it is for the guys to have a year off from competition, and I do agree with it as far as advancement, and finishing strong in '19, putting a year of you career in the tank, etc.  However, at the same time, they had a year off of competition.  Anyone in sports knows what good rest, while maintaining does for the body.  Many of these guys are going to be coming back stronger and feeling great.  However, there will plenty of the out-of-shapers coming back as well.


I'm excited to see how everyone is placed who hasn't played yet.  I'm sure the GCL and FSL will be their home.  I don't think there are any Tyler Jays in the 2020 draft that would go straight to High A.

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Miranda seems to save his best for the playoffs. He had a three run HR yesterday as his team won the championship, batted 400.


What is generally thought of the competition level of PR winter ball? Would someone who's played high A be expected to have great stats?

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All of this is arbitrary, of course. But I wouldn't place De Andre so high as a recent 16yo signing despite projection. Same might be said for Rodriguez, though I understand projection. Just not sure it's fair to place them this high so soon, especially with the overall depth of the system. Especially considering Sano and Javeier signings of the past. I might move them down a 10 notch based on what is on hand and their youth.


Soularie is very interesting. He seems to be athletic, with hit and pop/power potential. He was the least exciting draft choice the Twins made last year, IMO. I wasn't crazy about Saboto, but I got it. Raya, even as a high ceiling flier was the most impressive draft choice to me.


Soularie seems/feels like Rosario part 2. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Feels like he is an athlete who could play 2B, CF, (which I believe he did some) or LF. I always appreciate but somewhat discount scout profiles. I'd rather believe in the FO's opinion. Think Jeffers for example. But is he really worth this high a ranking with so many question marks? I say no nd would drop him at this point to the next 10 until we actually see him play.

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I am holding out hope for Miranda. It just FEELS like he is talented enough to "get it" and put it together over the next year or two and push his way forward.


A battle between him and Blankenhorn to be the next 10th man and future 3B option? Maybe.


Sands...WOW...can you just stay healthy? We talk about the "Cleveland" influence. And we get obsessed with Duran and Balozic for good reason. But Sands and Winder could be SO GOOD and push those two in the next year or so.


Prospects are still that for now, but I haven't seen this many SP in the system for years now that garner real optimism.

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