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Dustin May First Children’s Television Workshop Creation to Pitch in World Series

“We’re incredibly proud of Dustin and the fearless team of puppeteers that controls his every move.”Although Dustin May’s appearance in Game 2 of the World Series didn’t go to plan, at least one group of fans was pleased with his performance.


“Just taking the mound was a big moment for Dustin,” said Jeffrey Dunn, CEO of Children’s Television Workshop. “It was big moment for all of us here.”


Dunn was referencing the fact that Children’s Television Workshop (CTW), home of Big Bird, Miss Piggy, and Elmo, created May in the late summer of 1997. He is the first Muppet to pitch in a World Series.


“We’re incredibly proud of Dustin and the fearless team of puppeteers that controls his every move,” said Dunn. “We know they have the ability to bounce back if the Dodgers call his number again.”


May, originally called Red Strummer, was originally slated to replace Floyd Pepper as the bassist for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem when Pepper joined the Riverbottom Nightmare Band. When the latter broke up due to a dispute over songwriting credits, Pepper returned to the Mayhem and May was repurposed as a baseball Muppet.


“We had this super athletic and lanky Muppet with electric stuff,” said one former CTW employee. “Word got out pretty damn quick. The Dodgers were scouting the Sesame Street set for months, just glad to see him and the seven people who control his arms, legs, and facial expressions get to baseball’s biggest stage.”


May is not to be confused with the similar-looking Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner, who is an old-timey gold prospector trapped in an era not his own, per multiple MLB sources.


“Yeah, we get asked about (Turner) a lot,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “He’s definitely not a Muppet. For one thing, he goes through more hardtack and pemmican than any ballplayer I’ve seen since Rich Hill. He also says ‘Gooold. Goooooold.’ He says it a lot.”


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This explains why Justin Turner was heard complaining to an umpire after a called third strike, "why, ye dadgum sidewinder, ye just bushwacked me outta a day's wages right there. I oughta swoggle your dadburn horn, is what I ought - then you'd be hornswoggled just like me." Scott Bush, CEO of SABR, could not be reached for comment.

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