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Thankful for a Twins Journey Unlike Any Other

March 12, 2020 is a date I’ll never forget. I was sitting at Pott’s Sports Café in Fort Myers watching Major League Baseball put Spring Training on hold. I’d fly back to Minnesota that evening and wondering whether a season would happen at all became real. Fast forward to today and I am thankful we got here.The 2020 Minnesota Twins were arguably the most impressively constructed roster this franchise has ever seen. Derek Falvey and Thad Levine added a premiere talent in Josh Donaldson to an already loaded roster. They tacked on some necessary bullpen pieces, and the developmental aspects of the organization were in place to take this team to new heights.


Following a record setting 307 home run barrage in 2019, and a win total that nearly took down the franchise record, things were going to be tough to top this time around. My contention was that this team may not win as many games, after all the division had gotten better, but they’d be a stronger unit capable of doing even more damage. I think we can fairly look back and say all of that is true.


Selfishly baseball provides an out. I find myself pouring hours into Twitter because of the passion this sport drives in me, and the ability that outlet has to connect people. I spend time putting together pieces here at Twins Daily, and my own blog Off the Baggy, because it’s a longform way to share opinions and explain more nuanced analysis. Although it took some very ugly negotiating, and plenty of concessions on both sides, we were given a season this year (even if it was a goofy one).


It’s not lost on me that baseball, while a job, requires sacrifice from those that play it. All the money in the world, and mind you many of these guys are not millionaires, does not make up for the distance created between families and friends. I can’t begin to fathom what weeks on the road, quarantined in hotels, and having no mental escape from the game felt like. I do know that the Minnesota Twins roster put forth an incredible effort in navigating those circumstances, and I’m thankful to the players and support staff that worked to make 2020 possible.



While this is just a game to many, I think there’s something to be said in regards to how we connect with it. The goal of MLB is to draw new eyeballs, and that’s one that any diehard should embrace. For those that are already tuned in, having an ability to get lost in a daily occurrence and generate a schedule based around first pitch is something to behold. Losing my dad unexpectedly in a car accident a couple of weeks ago, it was this team, this season, and this sport that allowed for something else to drive emotion.


As many of you too probably felt, there was a numbness when Carlos Correa launched that ball over the centerfield wall. 18 in a row, completely unfathomable. That this team, that this organization, that we as Minnesota sports fans continue to experience this is a special kind of torture. As unprecedented as that is, I can promise you I’m already counting down the 149 days until Twins baseball returns for the opportunity to allow it all to happen again.


Baseball is a labor of love. It’s a long season and a grind that culminates in true happiness for just one organization. If we can continue to plan our lives around something this encapsulating for 6 months of the year though, I’ll be on board without question. In a year of complete turmoil and uncertainty, baseball gave us the opposite. This Twins team gave us the opposite. For that, I’m thankful.


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The singular silver lining from a good season that has now been overshadowed by a continuing trend of now showing up for the post season.  I don't know what it is, but it seems to be between the ears and I don't think a number of players will be able to shake this off quickly.  I thought Threepeat was a difficult accomplishment, but we are entering our third decade of this.  Crazy.  

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Ted, I am sorry about the loss of your father. 2020 has been a terrible year for a lot of folks for a lot of reasons. However the loss of a father is particularly painful and makes one circumspective. I had no idea how painful the loss of one's father could be, until I lost mine 9 years ago I suggest you remember the good times. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. David

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For 2 Games, the Astro's pitching was better than the Twins hitting.  I am NOT going to pout about it. It was a fun season.  I would like to be still playing, but we're not. Now we can get on with dreaming about next season.  :)  Congratulations Minnesota Twins on winning another American League Central Division Title.  :)

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