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Varela vs. Rowson


I generally hate blaming poor performance on coaches(and I'm not doing it in this case).


But I can't help but wonder if some(certainly not all) of the poor offensive performances this year are in any part due to losing James Rowson to Miami and replacing him with Edgar Varela.


Have any of you stat heads/video analysts out there noticed anything or is this simply a case of everyone not named Cruz having an offensive slump at the same time? At the very least you would have thought by now you would see more signs of improvement.

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I generally hate blaming poor performance on coaches

I love doing it. :)


Those guys are paid to find answers. In a shortened season like this, the pressure to find quick answers is unfair but comes with the territory. And in cases like Polanco, the approach at the plate seems to be in question since his BA has become empty, so it's fair to wonder.

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Rudy Hernandez is still here.


Varela and Rowson worked together. Not on a same staff, but the MLB guys work with the minor league guys. Their hitting philosophies are the same. 


But yeah, it is a fair question and one that will naturally come up. Teams made the adjustments to the Twins hitters since last year and now it's the hitters, with the help of the coaches, to try to adjust back. 

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