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Twins Daily 2020 Trade Deadline Preview

In a strange and shortened MLB season, the trade deadline is certainly going to take on a different feel. Sixteen total playoff teams means that most teams are still in the postseason hunt. This could result in a much different feel as the trade deadline approaches. What teams are going to be willing to trade? How are teams going to approach taking on salary in a year with less revenue? Let’s find out…Minnesota’s Weaknesses

Entering the season, Minnesota was perceived to have one of the strongest line-ups in baseball. That hasn’t been the case so far as the Twins have struggled through injuries to regular starters like Mitch Garver, Byron Buxton, Josh Donaldson, and Luis Arraez. This has resulted in making nearly everyday players out of Ryan Jeffers, Jake Cave, Marwin Gonzalez and Ildemaro Vargas. It’s easy to think the Twins need replacements for these players, but the best thing for the team would be for their injured players to be healthy and producing as the team enters the playoffs.


Last season, Minnesota’s biggest weakness was pitching, and this was especially true for the bullpen. This is why the team made multiple deadline deals for bullpen help. The Twins relief core has turned into one of the team’s strengths over the last year and that might mean the team isn’t looking to upgrade unless there is some player control involved. Minnesota’s starting rotation has seen multiple injuries, but the team depth in this department.


Possible Trade Options

Lance Lynn, Texas

Lynn has been good since leaving the Twins in 2018. Last season with Texas, he posted a 3.67 ERA and a 1.22 WHIP in over 200 innings. He struck out 246 batters and only walked 59 on his way to finishing in the top-five for the Cy Young. In just over 100 innings with the Twins, Lynn had an ERA north of 5.00 and he didn’t exactly leave the team on good terms. He is under team control through 2021 and the Rangers are within a handful of games of a playoff spot, and he could be one player for the team to avoid.


Trevor Rosenthal, Kansas City

Minnesota might be hesitant about trading with another team in the division, but Rosenthal might be the ideal candidate. He was signed to a minor league deal in Kansas City and he has been outstanding through the season’s first half. So far, he has limited batters to two runs on seven hits in 12 appearances (11 1/3 innings). This includes a 1.06 WHIP and a 15 to 5 strike out to walk ratio. Kansas City is in a similar position to the Rangers so the team will have to decide if they want to trade pieces away.


Keone Kela, Pittsburgh

Unlike the team’s above, Pittsburgh is clearly not making the playoffs, but Kela is going to have to prove he is healthy over the next week. He left a game last Friday after five pitches as the Pirates revealed he had right forearm tightness. He is a free agent at season’s end, and it seems likely for him to be dealt if he is healthy. Kela has been limited this season because of a positive coronavirus test and this most recent injury.


Dylan Bundy, Los Angeles

Bundy might be one of the hottest names tossed around in rumors leading up to the deadline. The Angels have struggled this season and currently have one of baseball’s worst records. He is under team control through the 2021 season. So far this season, he ranks in the 80th percentile when it comes to fastball spin rate, hard-hit rate, and opponents’ exit velocity. Increased use in his slider has been part of his success and that has been something the Twins have harnessed with other current pitchers.


Mychal Givens, Baltimore

Givens has been dominant out of the Orioles bullpen this year and he has some intriguing traits the Twins might be interested in. Firstly, he is under team control through the end of 2021. Secondly, his slider has gotten hitters to whiff on it over 40% of the time. His fastball sits in the mid-90s and his increased usage of his slider is certainly intriguing. Minnesota might not need a ton of bullpen help but Givens could certainly provide a boost.


There are three right-handed hitters that could be intriguing with some of Minnesota’s top right-handed bats on the injured list. Another possible pitching option is a man that’s boisterous on social media, but he is a free agent at season’s end and that could make him tradeable.


What’s Going to Happen?

Overall, it seems likely for the trade deadline to be relatively quiet when compared to recent years. Few owners and front offices are going to be willing to take on significant contracts with the uncertainty facing baseball in 2021. Baseball has dodged a few bullets this season, but no one is sure of the long-term ramifications of no fans in the stands and other lost revenue.


Minnesota also has the luxury of Michael Pineda being added back to the rotation at the end of August. His addition could be construed as trading for rotation help. Jake Odorizzi, Rich Hill, and Homer Bailey have all seen time on the injured list this year and adding Pineda only strengthens the depth of a rotation that has been stretched this season. The last time the Twins saw Pineda, he was amid a tremendous stretch on the mound and he will have the month of September to get back on track.


What do you think the Twins will do at the trade deadline? Add an arm? Add to the line-up? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.



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Maybe I'm just too much of an optimist, but I still like our pen and rotation as is, with Pineda returning next week and Odorizi being sore, but apparently not "damaged". Getting our own guys back is still key to me.


I really like the idea of Pillar from Boston and think we should have signed him originally.


Despite the depth and performance of the pen, you wonder about injuries and maybe there is another Romo like trade that makes sense.


I'm concerned about Donaldson for the rest of this season. I think we all are. And Marwin seems to have slumped lately. Adrianza has not been the same decent hitter we've seen the last 2yrs. But do we need another infielder?


Even if we give up little for a return there are still 40 man implications to consider. I think I'm in favor of a RH OF like Pillar maybe, and I'd consider a pen arm. Otherwise, I think I trust what we have and the return of a few guys over the next week.

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I'm down with Pillar but not for a top prospect. In this sprint of a season we are getting reminded of the little things that always go wrong. They are magnified now. If we were losing, in my opinion, everyone would be bitching about where is Donaldson? credit to the staff that throughout the injuries we are still in a great spot. It's a weird season and a veteran outfielder would certainly help but I like our guys. Top to bottom its a really good team. Everybody knows that.

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I'd trade for a reliever every year.



Any rental 6th or 7th inning arm is useful and cheap, especially with expanded rosters.


After that, probably stick with what we have. It's such a weird year that I'd horde top prospects. The new playoff structure will be about who is hot more than who has the best team.


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I am always open for a possible addition to relief pitching at the right price, no more top prospects for a rental reliever, or starting defensive short stop that can hit for reliever, thanks Bill Smith.  I am not looking for OF, unless it is Pillar for defense and price is low.  I would be for replacing Adrianza but again if price is low.  We will make playoffs, that is almost certain at this point.  How much will replacing Adrianza help in a 3 game playoff, or 7 game playoff?  Not much most likely.  So not worth giving up potential years of MLB level play for maybe a game or a couple at bats.  


Same thing for starter, we do not need one to make playoffs so unless they will be a top 3 starter for us, I see no reason to bring them on for a prospect.  For me, you should either trade for cash for rentals, or if they have at least 1 more year of control you trade for next year.  No prospects for rentals in this season.

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I would be over the moon if we got Bundy. Won’t happen, but that would be a phenomenal move.


At this point, we’re basically in the playoffs. To me, any acquisition is solely for the playoffs. My assumption is that Hill, Odorizzi, Berrios, Dobnak, and Pineda will all be healthy and available to pitch in the playoffs. Same assumption for Donaldson, Garver, Kepler, etc. They already acquired a (underwhelming) utility infielder. I just can’t see them adding rotation/lineup pieces.


I think they should go after bullpen help. I’m not overly enthused about Romo as an ultra-high leverage guy at this point in his career. Rogers hasn’t been great for a significant period of time now. May is inconsistent. Those guys are all good, but Duffey is the guy I‘dfeel comfortable with in a tight playoff game.

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yeah true that what everybody said. We don't Have to make a trade. I mean what would it cost to get Bundy or Wow Bauer. I know a lot of people dont like him but Damn Trevor Bauer would look great in a Twins uni. And i bet he already has some sort of relationship with Falvey. He would instantly become our #1a starter. (hard to top Maeda at the moment) I wouldn't mind to see Givens but he's a righty and i think to go there we best make sure its a sort of dependable left hander. In regards to trading for Bauer, Cincinnati has no real need for corner outfielders or slow power hitters. I mean maybe but i doubt it. They are gonna want pitching prospects for Bauer. That's gonna make it tough.

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Jon Heyman of MLB Network reports that the Reds "are planning to go for it," so Trevor Bauer "is likely to stay put."

The Reds are sitting at just 13-17, but that's currently only one game out of playoff position in the National League so it makes sense to ride it out. Bauer is an impending free agent and the Reds can make him a qualifying offer and get draft pick compensation if he signs elsewhere.



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