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Join Us After The Game For A Postgame Pint

During this pandemic, we won’t be able to gather the way we usually can at games, with friends, or at our favorite watering holes. So join us immediately after the last out after the game, and (provided we don’t run out of room) you’ll immediately be able to join our live virtual audience at the Postgame Pint. The link is below.Twins Daily's writers and the virtual crowd will hold a Zoom event, as we celebrate, commiserate and and take your questions, both via chat or voice. We want the Twins Daily community to drive the discussion.


Want a taste of the Postgame Pint? Each event is recorded, and the video is shared in Twins Daily's game recap stories. Or you can listen to it on Twins Daily's Podcast.


But you're not going to want to hear what others are talking about. You're going to want to be involved, so grab your beverage of choice and click on the link below (or follow it from our Twitter or Facebook page) and you’ll be able to join Twins Daily’s writers and community at our virtual meetup.


This Last Week's Postgame Pints

Upcoming Postgame Pints
Catch Up on the Latest Postgame Pint (Tuesday, 9/29 Twins 1 Astros 4)



Download The Postgame Pint Podcast

You can also listen to the Postgame Pint and never miss another one. Just head over to our iTunes page and subscribe. Every morning you'll have a new episode waiting for you. Or listen wherever you download your favorite podcasts.


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If Tom Froemming is available please include his pitching reports as part of your discussion.  His 2019 season videos were very informative.

I was on the Opening Day Postseason Pint and had a lot of fun, but unfortunately changes to my work schedule/real life stuff make it difficult for me to be available evenings. 


If you liked those Twins Pitch videos I was making last year I bet you'll enjoy these Postgame Pint streams. I was on with Matthew Trueblood, and he had some great Berrios observations that were smarter than probably anything I've ever said on my YouTube channel :)

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I agree on Buxton's fielding, but I think that the panel really overreached trying to justify his hitting.  He is not league average as a hitter, let's be honest with that.  He has two of six years above 250 average.  Two years with 314 OBP - his high.  Give us reality, don't stretch the praise for our players. 

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