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GAME THREAD: 7/28/20 Minnesota Twins vs. St. Louis Cardinals 7:10 CDT


*knock knock knock*


"Is this thing on? Are we live?"


Given the Miami Marlins fiasco the past few days, I had my doubts that the season would be able to continue just a couple days ago. However, the Twins will continue to fight for one of the million postseason spots available this year. The last game thread I was supposed to do was actually cancelled, but not because of COVID-19. A team that won't be named killed off the Twins' World Series hopes in quick fashion. However, it is a new year, and as we have all seen, ANYTHING can happen in 2020. For example, did I see myself working 40 hour weeks while having a full college schedule online for 2 months at the beginning of the year? Of course not! A lot of crazy things have happened to all of us this year, so I hope this baseball season can continue on to give us a sense of normalcy through all of it. Luckily for us, we get to see our team at its maximum potential tonight.


"The Death Lineup"


RF Maximilian Kepler-Rozycki

3B Josh Donaldson

SS Jorge Polanco

DH Nelson Cruz

LF Eddie Rosario

C Mitch Garver

2B Luis Arraez

1B Miguel Sano

CF Byron Buxton (HE'S BACK!)


SP: Homer Bailey


St. Louis Cardinals


2B Kolten Wong

3B Tommy Edman

1B Paul Goldschmidt

SS Paul DeJong

DH Matt Carpenter

C Yadier Molina

RF Dexter Fowler

LF Tyler O'Neill

CF Harrison Bader


SP: Carlos Martinez


It surprised me when I found out that this is Martinez's first start in 2 years. This guy was an up and rising ace a few years ago! Elbow injuries can hurt pitchers though. I expect this game to be an offensive showcase for both teams, with the better bullpen performance nabbing the win. 


As a resident of South Dakota, it intrigued me when I found out that SD Governor Kristi Noem recently launched an ad campaign in Minnesota inviting businesses and residents to come to my state. It turns out that our two states have had our governors arguing for decades! During the 1980s, governors Rudy Perpich and "Wild" Bill Janklow had an extensive feud that reached national attention. Minnesota Governor Perpich claimed that "South Dakota is 50th in everything," while South Dakota Governor Janklow said that "I suppose they'll claim they have major league baseball in Minnesota." Of course, we know what happened just a short time later:




Let's play ball!




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Bailey looks like he's working quickly. I just made it here and we're just about through 1 and a half.


Also, those big giant heads are freaking me out a little.

lol ... I've been referring to it as Easter Island Twins style

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