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Revisionist history (2006 MVP)


What a waste of (virtual) paper and ink.  Why do 15 people more than a decade after the events think they know more than the collective opinion of those who were present and voted at the time?  Why would the MLB sponsor a "re-vote" and publish this this tripe except to pander to the East Coast fan base?


There is no doubt Jeter had a long, storied career and deserved to be league MVP at some point.  There is also no doubt that Morneau's career was cut short.  No excuse for MLB to trot out a few writers to tell us that everybody got it all wrong back then.  Surely they have not run out of real potboiling stories to tell during our enforced leave from the ball parks?


Next thing you know a 15-writer committee reviewing controversial calls will tell us Ron Gant was safe. ;)



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Absurd.    Replace Morneau with Jeter and the Twins finish in 2nd place.   71-33 and gaining 12 games when Morneau started hitting was no coincidence.    Those were not empty stats for Morneau.   He came through time and again.   If you are just going to list stats then why involve writers at all?   If you go by WAR then Santana beats Jeter anyway.  If you go by OPS then Jeter isn't a top guy either.  I was a bigger baseball fan back then (more of just a Twins fan now) and watched all those players listed.    They were all great but if you want impact on a team it was Morneau all the way.    I noticed the article mentioned Jeter's Gold Gloves but didn't call for a revote on those.   In fact, there is good argument he should have been penalized for being so poor at a premium position.       I tried to attach an article from Bleacher Report about the insanity of giving Jeter any Gold Gloves but could not.    

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What a ridiculous joke! My favorite part was near the end when the writer states the "outrage" in N.Y. for Jeter not winning. Duh! Just utter nonsense!


While we're at it, let's revisit the 1982 ROY votes shall we? I mean, we're talking a SEASON right?


Cal Ripken had 60 more plate appearances than Hrbek, and more R scored and more RBI, a plus for a plus 17. And he did this while playing for a contending club that won 94G.


In 60 fewer plate appearances, for a team that only won 60G, Hrbek surpassed Ripken...rather substantially...in BA, OB%, SLG% and OPS.


Ripken: .264/ .317/ .475/ .792

Hrbek: .301/ .363/ .485/ .848


So would an "outraged" TC population demanding for a revote today get one? And as mentioned by benchwarmerjim, can we get a revote for the Cy Young Santana was robbed of?


Again, this is ridiculous and is borderline yellow journalism.

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With no real baseball they have to do SOMETHING to fill up pages.  I agree, it's a colossal waste of time.  They're just trying to curry favor with all those people in New York.  It won't get them any more Electoral College votes come November...  :)   


Haha. In truth, it seems more like something TD would be running as we try to fill the void.

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