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MLB.com projects Twins for the deepest lineup


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That is what was so gol-darn amazing about last year. They had Garver, Cron, Schoop, Polanco, Sano, Kepler, Buxton, Rosario and Cruz. They also had Castro, Gonzalez and Arraez. Throw in Adrianza and - Wowzie! Then you still had Cave and Willians in the wings. So last year they had 11 in strength for regular play and three that were above average (or is it four). They come up one shorter right now....but that isn't bad!


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The upside of this lineup is wild.


Adding a healthy Buxton and Josh Donaldson to last year’s lineup is filthy. Literally, the best lineup of all time. That’s not considering the multitude of DL trips from others that could potentially stay healthy all year. Polanco, Cruz, Garver, Sano, Arraez all had fairly significant IL stints that I can recall. I know Rosario had one for an ankle, don’t recall how long. I know Kepler missed a number of games late and was extremely banged up, don’t recall the length or if he ever technically hit the IL.


Last year happened WITH some tough injury luck....and we added to it. It’ll be really fun to watch.

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I can't wait to watch this team play. By far the best lineup potential I've ever seen for a Twins team!


The referenced/linked article shows a lot a regression for some of last years players and they are still ranking as the deepest lineup in MLB...What if they don't regress?


In the immortal words of Harry Caray...HOLY COW! 

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This type of depth is critical. It should be the goal of every organization.


Yet only a couple of teams are really trying to accumulate and nurture this type of depth. 


We should consider ourselves fortunate to be one of those teams. 


You create depth by playing your depth.


There are people who believe it is impossible to find 13 players worthy of playing time. This was proven wrong last year. It will always be impossible if you think Jake Cave isn't worthy of playing time and it will always be impossible if you stop looking after 9 players. 


This list says 10. I say 14. 


Hopefully in 2020, management of the pitching staff will mirror the 2019 management of the position players. 


When that happens... look out because there will be good times ahead. 

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You create depth by playing your depth.

On a good team, major league playing time doesn't do much to create depth, though it can reveal it. Depth comes from the talent pipeline (free agents, draft, international) and development. Our Twins were bottom-feeders for too long, affecting our perspective.

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On a good team, major league playing time doesn't do much to create depth, though it can reveal it. Depth comes from the talent pipeline (free agents, draft, international) and development. Our Twins were bottom-feeders for too long, affecting our perspective.


The reveal part of the equation is extremely important. 


We can all sit back and say that we have depth because of Rooker, Larnach and Kiriloff. However, if Kiriloff is called up and hits under .200 or (worse yet) not played much. He is not depth. 


The revelation is critical. Once actual honest to god depth reveals itself, not playing the depth, negates the revelation. When push comes to shove... you won't know if you have it when you need it. You will need it and it may not be there because you haven't allowed the revelation. 


Baseball has for decades, drawn hard lines on thin margins in regards to production, ability, depth, utility, playing time.  This is what has affected our perspective. It's why I sound Greek. 


Everybody believes that Rosario is better than Cave. I won't argue, I would choose Rosario if asked the question who is better. The question I ask is this... how much better is he?


If the margin is thin and based on the numbers so far, the margin appears to be thin. Why such a hard line on such a thin margin? 


Rosario is producing marginally better so he gets 150 starts and Cave gets 12 starts. That is an unnecessary hard line that just kills Cave. This is how the baseball world has worked for decades so we have been taught these warped perspectives. 


The argument is typically.  Rosario has 25 million MLB AB's and Cave has 200. That isn't an acceptable reason to stop Cave from getting 300 or 400 or 500 or 600 AB's. That is a self fulfilling prophecy. Rosario will be better by a large margin because nobody will be the wiser in regards to Cave as he is put to sleep.  


What should stop Cave from getting those AB's? 


If he is performing like Logan Morrison. If that happens... by all means stop him. 


If he is performing at a level close to Eddie Rosario or others... let him play. Let him reveal himself. That way when he is needed and he will be needed, you have full confidence that he can get the job done. Opposed to hoping he will get the job done and having know idea if he can.  


And then the following off season. You can look at Cave at 600K and Rosario at 15 Million and choose the 600K and then invest that 15 million into a starting pitcher. Using, the Arb money Rosario would have received in his final year before free agency. And when Rosario leaves after that final year. It will leave a hole with nothing but unrevealed solutions to chose from because you invested everything into Rosario. By utilizing your entire roster, you gather information and create options when it comes to solving issues tomorrow.  


Each roster spot is critical for development or revelation if you will. 


I choose to pull 13 bingo balls while others choose to pull 9 bingo balls with 4 blank bingo balls. I will fill out my card way more often than you will. I will bet everything I own that I will fill out my card more often.  


Yet most teams choose to pull 9 bingo balls instead of 13 and they do so on purpose and they have pulled 9 bingo balls for decades and they do so based on confirmation bias or thin individual performance margins. This is losing sight of a LARGE margin by obsessing over a small margin. 


In a nutshell, teams have purposely declined 25% of possible overall production(9 bingo balls) over a possible 5% performance margin increase of individual production (Rosario/Cave). 


The 25% production loss is the much much much much much much bigger crime. It's like committing Arson while trying to avoid a speeding ticket.  :)


By the way... I'm not picking on Rosario. Rosario is just for example purposes to represent the thin margins. This isn't about Rosario... It's about 9 starting positions sharing the burden to supply AB's for everyone, which is not that much of a burden when shared. 

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Bears mentioning again, TK was good at using everyone at his disposal on a regular basis. As he stated, paraphrasing, "how can I expect someone to perform when called onigiri they spend all their time on the bench".


Not sure Gardy did as good of a job at that. Never really felt Molitor was as effective. To circle back to what Ash said, sometimes the roster was a bit lean at times as well.


The team IS deeper in talent now, and I think Rocco does a great job of getting everyone involved. You can't develop or perform if you don't get on the field.

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