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Front Page: Series Preview: Gold on the Ceiling

Matt Braun


It looked like to me, as to how the ball was clearly on the way down and hit the wall at about halfway up..... that in any other ballpark that would have been a routine fly ball ..... maybe to the warning track, but probably not even that deep, the outfield would have been playing deep to normal, a routine catch right to the left fielder and three outs and the end of the game right there. We still would have been robbed of the fantastic play and throw and put out at home with the bounce off the shallow left field green monster, though.



Not enough people are aware of how unusual Fenway is relative to any other ballpark.


LF, RF and CF configurations are all downright strange, and pose a challenge of sensory adjustment to visiting OFers. For a guy who only plays 3 games here/year, it's amazing how perfectly Rosario played both the carom and made the perfect throw home with his back to the infield.

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The reason the way they do it now is the right way is by the end of the season all teams have played a full season and you have the most complete estimation of a team's worth available. Yes there are fluctuations in each teams level of play during the season but there are too many variables dictating that level of play that would obscure an accurate assessment of their play. Huh?

I don't agree. A team that is 20-10 to start the year, and that is when they are scheduled.... I don't care who they played at that point. They are a >.500 team, even if by the end of the year they are under .500. At one point this year, the Twins had a record well over .500 against teams above .500. Many of these teams are now not. So what. That isn't the team we beat. Just as the Twins June and July was not the same team. There could have been injuries, etc. I just don't agree what you are supporting is the "right way", or representative of what happened, and the stat is misleading the way it is.

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