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Front Page: Twins Game Recap (8/30): Bats Back Up Gibson, Twins Win 6th Straight

The increase in strike outs is helpful but Gibson still relies on ground balls. The Twins will likely have below average defenders across the infield next year. He may not be a good fit for their defensive strength in the outfield. There will be too many balls just out of the reach of Polanco, Sano and Arraez and too many bad throws extending innings. Those innings with high pitch counts have worn on him this year and he loses command in the strike zone.

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Is it within realm to call Gibson the same pitcher that Nick Blackburn was, with the exception that Gibson gets more Ks?

Blackburn also pitched huge in big games (game 163 in 2008, second to last game in 2009 and then game 2 of ALDS in Yankee stadium). Gibson would wet himself pitching a play-off game in Yankee stadium. 

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I know everyone on this site hates Gibson, is ready to be done with him, etc. But I will say, he’s got an ERA+ of 100, and is posting his career best walk and strikeout rates. He’s started every game, and isn’t an ace, but he is a very serviceable. He’s not at the top of his game right now, but he’s average, and he’s had stretches where he has been well above that.

I think that the animosity towards him is overwrought and undeserved. And the incessant “nibble” comments kind of drive me nuts. When pitchers get ahead with two strikes, they try to get the hitters out with pitches out of the zone. That’s what pitchers do. If he were to throw more two-strike pitches down the middle, people would complain about giving players good stuff to hit with two strikes.

I have been a Gibby supporter. He was really pretty good from June 2017 through last season. But this season he's regressed into his old self. It's incredibly frustrating and I don't need to see anymore of it. Even if the person we replace him with in 2020 isn't any better.


If Perez keeps pitching well, I'd pick up his option, try to keep Pineda on a two year deal and go after a big FA. Berrios, FA, Pineda, Perez, Smeltzer/Graderal/Stewart/etc.

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