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I know he probably doesn’t deserve a guaranteed roster spot, but signing Madson to an extremely cheap ML deal ($1-2M) could possibly pay huge dividends for us in 2019 (otherwise he might retire); ML veteran, still throws hard, WS experience, and is 1 year removed for an excellent season. If not, I’d definitely try and see if we could at least land one of Norris, or (more preferably) Warren, on a minor league deal (like Vincent).

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They moved Romero to the pen and picked up Blake Parker.   They have a number of extra arms ready to come to MLB if needed and worthy (Gonsalves, Stewart for example).    This is NOT the year to go ge

Meh. Signing the "veteran presence" does nothing for me. If the Twins are going to add to the bullpen, it needs to be at the top end.   There's 5 guys on this squad that have at least 2 years experien

It's a drum a lot of us have been taking turns beating all winter. It's inexcusable not to address this unit. And no, I don't count signing Blake Parker as addressing the bullpen. Reminds me of the Vi

Here are some (old school) stats for team bullpens in 2018:


RK TEAM      ERA  BAA   Whip

  1 Houston    3.11  .217   1.10

  9 Cleveland 3.77  .244   1.29

22 Twins       4.50  .256    1.38


The Twins' relief pitchers in 2018 who:

  • pitched 20 innings
  • had an ERA of 3.77 or less, and
  • a Whip of 1.29 or less,

were May and Rogers (and Pressly).


So, there is some catching up to do...

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Why is this exciting? We never gave him a real shot as a starter in the majors and I'm supposed to be glad that we moved him to the pen to make room for Martin Perez?


Romero is an exciting option in th bullpen with his fastball/slider combo. 


He's also intriguing to me as a starter. I would have left him as a starting option... 


but he is exciting as a bullpen arm.

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List of all relievers signed by small/mid-market clubs this off-season, for more than a $5 million commitment (total, not per year):


St. Louis - Andrew Miller - 2/25

Oakland - Joakim Soria - 2/15

San Diego - Garrett Richards - 2/15


That's it. Granted, this is out of 13 total players (Kimbrel will eventually be #14). Six of the 13 signed with a team that plays in New York or Los Angeles. San Diego has obviously been on a spending spree.


I did think the Twins might add someone like Soria or Cody Allen, but the reality is that free agent relievers are not highly valued by MLB clubs in general. The huge market teams don't really care if $10 million a year goes up in smoke, so they sign guys for depth and don't worry too much about the dubious nature of the investment.


In addition to their high level of uncertainty, relievers are also the most practical players to acquire during the year via trade (i.e., at a prospect & salary price that even the Twins could easily pay).


So while there are a lot of complaints about the Twins approach, this is what small and mid-market teams do, including the ones that are unquestionably well-run. The Twins front office certainly won't look good if the bullpen is awful, but I'm not going to pre-judge it.

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