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Twins heading back to WCCO

Seth Stohs

According to a Phil Miller article in the Strib, the Twins will be heading back to WCCO in 2018. 






For the first 46 years of their existence, the Twins could always be found on WCCO radio. So in a sense, they’re going home.

The Twins and WCCO will reunite for the 2018 season and beyond, multiple sources have confirmed, after 11 seasons on other outlets. An announcement is expected as soon as Friday.

Twins games have been broadcast on Go96.3, an FM station owned by team owner Jim Pohlad and his family, since 2013.


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Why did this even happen, leaving WCCO?


It's been a disaster, especially the Pohlad station.  In rural areas, I just put my phone on MLB and go.




Because back in the 2000s CBS Radio (which owns CCO and other "hertiage" radio station around the country) decided they didnt want to pay for baseball anymore. Thats how you got The Cardinals leaving KMOX (but eventually going back)

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Yeah, the memories of pulling in the clear channel WCCO in New Jersey in the 1970s. M y brothers were good enough to extend a wire antenna from our roof, so I could "listen to Herb," as they put it.  I still couldn't get the games until after 11 PM Eastern time when the local station signed off (just in time for the bullpen to blow a game!).  Much of the time I was just "interpreting static."  

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This GREAT news!!!!!!!


Currently in West Central MN I can be listening to the Twins on a Friday night and the local station will suddenly cut over to local high school volleyball or basket ball!!!


Or I remember one time when I was camping out in western MN, listening to the Twins play an extra inning game against Toronto, middle of a big inning, an all of a sudden at 20 after the hour they cut off to a commercial!!! I I was so pissed that on Monday morning I called the station manager! He said he had no control, that nobody was at the station, that the signal comes out over the network.


This will be great, I can eliminate the 3-4 stations on my push buttons and just catch them on CCO, daytime or nighttime!



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Baseball on FM just does not sound right. Also, 96.3 barely came in at home (next to Rosedale Mall). 

Now I will get to listen on my vintage Silvertone, or Philco, or Grundig console. 

If only they'd just replace Gladden with Atteberry (or literally anyone), my ears would be so happy. Dazzle still has no clue how to actually call a game. How anyone can follow what is actually happening during the middle innings befuddles me.

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Anyone know what kind of dollars we are talking about annually?

I assume it's in the single-digit millions.

From my understanding of how some of this works with radio I will present a wayward bit of information. In radio ad revenue is dependent on ratings. No ratings, no revenue.  The stations would have to hope that the ratings increase at the station would boost the station overall so all of their spots are worth more.  The upper limit is the to what baseball is worth is the Yankee deal worth between 15-20 million per year.  WFAN keeps the people who listen to the games throughout the day, the station makes money.  The Twins ratings locally must not be so good.  The Twins likely received very little money from th rights.  Broadcast revenues get shared, station profits go into the family pockets. They must not be making enough to make it worth their while. to continue.  I don't bet on things out of my control but I would bet money on Pohlads being the most interested in positive cash flow.

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I wouldn't think much of the rest of the Treasure Island Radio Network would change.


Yes - I think it has stayed on KDAL during all of the station changes..


This made me check my childhood Twins staion, WELY.   I was shocked to see they have a play list of artists like Nirvana and Bruce Springsteen and a FM frequency.   


Back in the day, it was like a mixture of a radio version of Red Green and a cable access show with a fair amount of polka.   I also saw no reference to polka anywhere on their webpage (or fishing).  It was rather unsettling - some things you think will always be there and never change.

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