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top 300 Twins of all time-one man's opinion

Nate Tubbs Rules

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If anyone wants, I'm going to use this Top 300 as a basis for voting for a Top 10 or Top 20 or Top 50 or whatever voters want to vote for on Twitter... 


I'll use this list... with each vote, obviously the top vote-getter will get the spot. If someone gets under 5%, they'll come off the list and be replaced by the next on this list for at least one round. Feedback welcomed.


Here's the always fun vote for #1...



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Harmon Killebrew edged out Kirby Puckett in the vote for #1... So now who gets your vote for #2 Twins player of all-time (since 1961, of course). 


The three other finalists all remained over 5%, and now we're adding Tony Oliva. Cast your vote.



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The vote is a twit vote. Why do it here on TD if we can't participate without becoming a twit?


I choose to do it on Twitter because we seem to get a lot more votes and responses that way. I like to keep posting the polls and the results here so that people can discuss the vote and the players mentioned and such. 


Also, in my opinion, Twitter if the greatest invention - other than the internet in general - of my lifetime... (potentially a slight exaggeration...)

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