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Let's remember some "Twins guys" thread


A local guy out of U of Minnesota, played in 73 games from 1992-93...


J.T. Bruett



Flashback to summer of 1996.  I'm interning for a TV station in Harrisburg, PA, home of the AA Harrisburg Senators (at the time, a Montreal Expos affiliate...still with the Nationals now).  I'm standing down by the first base railing assisting my reporter with his liveshot for the 6pm newscast and I'm wearing a Twins hat.  Bruett comes over to me with one of his teammates as he's walking in from batting practice to the dugout and says, 'hey, nice hat'.  I come right back with, 'hey, I know who you are' which made his teammate break up with laughter almost like Bruett wouldn't think I'd know I'd be a superfan.

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Gary Wayne. Don't know if it was the camera angle and he was a lefty, but he seemed to have a unique delivery.


Denny Neagle...ugh


Kenny Rogers...first game I brought my kids to, he was starting against Seattle...gave up seven runs in the first inning....yay!!!


Juan Rincon..was at a game we were playing the Yankees, and he was pitching to ARod. Guy behind me was yelling at some Yankees fans in front of me about how ARod was a roiding cheater... I told him he might want to wait till someone else was pitching.


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It should have been 1 per post, ya know, extend the joy.


Search told me these legends were not present:


Bob Gorinski - inaugural member of the Lumber Company, with Craig Kusick. OPS of .548 in his sole season at age 25. 


Terry Felton - Louisiana Lightning Jr. when he came up. called "untouchable" by Calvin Griffith after a decent start. Finished his career at 24 with an 0-16 record, 5.53 ERA. Walks haunted, 76 in 117 IP.


On a happier note, 1995 1st rounder Mark Redman became an All Star with Kansas City while posting a final season ERA of 5.71! Dude did throw over 1000 mob innings though, to a final WAR of 11.



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