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Twins Should Take Hunter Green

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Who's to say Wright or McKay are 'safe' anyway?  Because I have nothing better to do, I checked into the Twins last 25 drafts, and came up with a list of collegiate pitchers that the Twins have selected in the 1st (regular & supplemental) round;


Marc Barcello

Travis Miller

Mark Redman

Ryan Mills

Adam Johnson

Aaron Heilman

Glen Perkins

Matt Fox

Matt Garza

Carlos Guttierez

Shooter Hunt

Kyle Gibson

Matt Bashore

Alex Wimmers

Luke Bard

Tyler Jay


Of course, the jury is still out on a couple of them.  But the misses sure seem to outweigh the hits.  Perkins was an All-Star as a reliever, Redman was actually selected once (they were required to take a Royal in 2006), and Garza has been at least serviceable, more so than Gibson.  Not much to hang 25 years of scouting and development on.  


Bottom line for me is that Hunter Greene has the best arm out there.  Let's see what the Falvey/Levine regime can bring to our developmental process and take the leap. 

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I suspect that the college player has more seasoning, and less time to blow out an elbow before making it to MLB.    Nevertheless, the Twins have a pretty good flow of players who have just come from the minors and who are nearly ready.  Why not take the guy with the biggest upside although arguably farther in the future.  That would be Hunter Greene.

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Twins have talent almost ready.  Not a bad time to take a high schooler with superstar 100mph potential. I don't want to see the new regime "go safe" with a college player like Kyle Wright or Brendan McKay.

I think I'm actually the opposite of you. I'm getting to the point where I'll be mildly disappointed if they don't draft a college pitcher #1. There are a lot of HS arms in this draft and some of them will fall to us at 35/37 as well. Greene has too many risks, in my opinion, and it'll take him too long to get to the majors (which, admittedly, shouldn't factor into the thinking). Wright (or McKay) seem like solid rotational arms that can be up quickly to help Berrios in a few years. And they might come cheaper than Greene which might help us later in the draft.


That said, the Twins FO knows a lot more than me so if Greene is the right pick in their eyes ....

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