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Free MLB.TV for T-Mobile and Sprint customers

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Bump! Promo is live today. Some redemption instructions here:




To Redeem your Free MLB.TV Premium

1. Tap "Go to MLB.TV" via the T-Mobile Tuesdays App
Note, you must click the provided link in the T-Mobile Tuesday App to activate the offer (a unique redemption code will allow you proceed w/ the registration or redemption of promo).

2. Log in or register at MLB.TV with your current T-Mobile Tuesdays Phone Number
Note, make sure the number you provide matches the phone number you registered to T-Mobile Tuesdays. If not, you won't be able to get your free MLB.TV Premium.

3. You're all set! Now you can enjoy your 2017 MLB.TV Premium yearly subscription.

Additional details
MLB.TV Premium is MLB's streaming service to watch every out-of-market game for the 2017.
The free subscription to MLB.TV Premium expires on February 28, 2018.
Once you've registered, you can access MLB.TV Premium on any compatible connected device using your MLB.com account.


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Also, if you're not a T-Mobile customer, you can find some T-Mobile customers trading their unneeded subscriptions for $5 Amazon gift cards here:




If you go this route, you just won't want to use it on a non-T-Mobile data network, like Verizon, etc., or you risk cancellation. Wifi is fine, though.

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Bump! This deal is coming back next Tuesday, July 21st, 2020. It now covers both T-Mobile and Sprint customers, thanks to their merger.


Bonus: a one-year free subscription to The Athletic will also be available Tuesday.




Thanks for your annual reminder :) 

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As noted above, the promotion is live now. You can redeem it anytime through August 3rd.


For the Athletic subscription, note that it is technically a "free trial" so you'll sign up for a new account during the redemption process. You also have to provide payment info, although you can cancel the subscription immediately to prevent it from auto-renewing while still keeping your free access active for the next year.

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The 2021 redemption window for this offer is open now through April 5th.


If you are a T-Mobile or Sprint customer, just log in to the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to redeem.


If you are not a T-Mobile or Sprint customer but you know onw, you could ask them to redeem it on your behalf (it's pretty easy). Or, you can trade a $5 Amazon gift code to one of the people offering their subscriptions in the deal discussion thread over at Slickdeals:




More folks trading their subscriptions at Reddit:




Just note that your subscription could get cancelled if you use it on a mobile data network other than T-Mobile or Sprint. (But any wifi should be fine.)

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