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First Visit to Spring Training


Went to the morning practice on Wednesday for my first ever visit to spring training. It was a great morning and I expected to just see the first full day of minor league practice but after seeing pitchers on the main field I looked over the railing on the third base side and saw TK leading infield drills. It made the trip worthwhile as everyone but Plouffe was out there. It was very interesting to be above Mauer as he talked about first base defense with Park. I later saw some BP before going to the outer fields and watching the same infield drills being done with the minor leaguers. What a great day to watch those activities with my son, daughter, wife and uncle. Watching TK was a huge bonus and it was also interesting to watch Nolasco warm up and hear encouragement from his teammates.


We are going to get to the game on Friday and look forward to that before heading back to Nebraska on Monday.



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