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  2. I'm sure if he hasn't already, he'll scurry to Florida like Trump, Kushner and the rest of the lackeys.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/24/politics/rudy-giuliani-suspended-law/index.html Lying to the courts has consequences.
  4. I received a notification recently congratulating me for paying off 10% of my student loan. I have been making the prescribed payments for ten years.
  5. Part of the problem with school funding up front at the state level is that so many students are going to college that funding at the same level per student would blow a lot of these state budgets apart. In the last ten years there has been a dip of about 10% in state funding, but in that same time period colleges rose tuition by 28%. Cutting from state budgets is part of the problem, but not driving the issue IMO. (Not disagreeing, just pointing out a misconception that often happens) I dig tying loans to tuition rates. I'm also game to tie them to future earnings. A lot of t
  6. Yes, the price of college needs to be fixed somehow, I agree....but I think of loan forgiveness as the government subsidizing the cost of college at the back end, instead of up front. In addition to schools increasing costs because they can, governments also subsidize school less than they did up front...... If I ran the world, we'd forgive some level of debt, with the following rule......any school that raises tuition or other costs for the next 10 years makes their students ineligible for future student loan forgiveness (by law, so that the law would need to be changed for this to chang
  7. I walked away from a research position at the UMN a few years ago in large part because the pay & expected hours were atrocious. A year or so later a close friend in a different lab called me about an opening they had, and he set up an interview with his PI. It went really well but the PI opted to go with another candidate because that individual had a MS. Understandable, but disappointing considering my experience level was significantly greater. That candidate lasted less than 6 months because they lacked basic mechanical skills required to perform the job. Individuals are sold the
  8. Things to know about Texas Government.... Texas Congress meets for 4 months every two years, and most of that is prep time. They are in session for only a few weeks. Everyone who serves in the Congress has another job/another income. Salary for House members amounts to $22,000 per year. They make a small monthly stipend ($600 or so), and make more when Congress is in session. Texas politicians are in it for the power, not for the cash. The Texas Governor is one of the weakest governors in the country. He has the power to appoint and recommend policy. Sure, the gover
  9. lol ... you should go to 'Members' and see who the leaders are ... and Australian Biker dudes are so hot, I mean, their accents! Whoooo!
  10. Not to mention the obliviousness towards the idea that everyone having a college degree will make that achievement have less meaning in the economy or cause colleges to even further dilute the rigor or a variety of other negatives. It's already depressing wages because of competition and forcing people to chase higher degrees to have a competitive advantage in the hiring process. We'd be handing billions to a group (colleges) that have been exploitative in ways that would make oil companies blush....but then also so significantly water down the value of a college degree that the trickle
  11. The bolded is what makes me reluctant to endorse most free college and debt relief plans. I'm all in favor of a drastic overhaul of how we look at college and how we fund those who attend but without first solving the problem that has no end in sight (colleges exploiting the loan system and ever-increasing tuition), why on earth should I support more of my tax money going to them? And, unfortunately, the party with which I most consistently align seems willfully ignorant that the solution is not "throw more money at it".
  12. This is the place. We still enforce rules in clubs but we're a bit more lax about minor offenses. Just don't go too far off the deep end here.
  13. It is still TD but the laws of this area are enforced by roaming Australian Biker Gangs and their leader Carole. Stray at your own peril. But yeah, the right wingers love to whine about cancel culture. Which is hilarious because your average bible-thumping social conservative of the last 50 years basically made their identity into canceling the parts of culture they didn't like. I'm not a fan of the left's current brand either for that matter, but they are hardly the first to practice it.
  14. Is this still TD? Am I in the right place to talk about 2000's leaders that made up words and they irony about the critics of cancel culture were the ones that originally cancelled the Dixie Chicks? Since I rarely get to watch/follow baseball anymore, I can't get into the baseball discussions. This might be fun.
  15. This is kind of amazing and I didn't see this coming at all. It appears they're taking a pretty thorough approach at community engagement and de-escalation. As a former Northsider myself, I had been in the old store more times than I can count and I will happily continue to shop Cub. https://www.kare11.com/article/news/local/land-of-10000-stories/looted-and-burned-northside-cub-returns-with-new-store-model/89-36d8d07f-5351-4b7e-942e-131d5fe6b58e?fbclid=IwAR3biL1b58pFRhRwLnW92MmPR9Pl38g8q-wiIchmjvlIZQYDTmGLDdy8JWs
  16. I would only quibble slightly - they invested in attracting more 18 year olds to take loans. The actual quality and value of a college degree seems to be declining at about the same rate tuition is increasing. Colleges are acting like corporations at this point. Their exploitation of young adults - from athletes to students - should be an affront to everyone. They deserve no protection.
  17. True, I am assuming that is a white male by what is depicted in the scene. The white piece is not focused on what is going on at all, he is the only piece focused on another piece. I suppose it is possible that the pink piece is not a girl, in which case the scene is even more sinister. The white piece could be seen as assaulting the pink piece. He has his hand in the pink piece's face as the pink piece gets pushed off the board. At its least sinister, there looks to be a bit of mansplaining going in this photograph.
  18. Yes, that is definitely true. It is unfortunate that universities raised tuitions when more people could pay. It's not that universities just sat on that new money -- they used it to invest in their programs, infrastructure, and acreage. As you say, noble intentions, but built on the backs of the working class.
  19. How do you know it's a guy? And how do you know that's a girl? I mean ... I think you are making quite a few assumptions about this photo.
  20. Even in Lego land, the white guy is harassing the girl and jacking up the otherwise nice scene. Also, who knew the Ramones were yellow? https://www.cnn.com/style/article/lego-lgbtq-set-pride-intl-scli/index.html
  21. My business has asked everyone to provide vaccination information ... privately. In order to create policies that are good for the whole, I think they want to know if we, as a group, who perform in a tight, enclosed, indoor space, is at least meeting the minimum standard for herd immunity. Until which time we reach that, protocols will remain in place. But we as a group don't know who is or not. If people don't want to provide that information, then it is assumed they are not vaccinated in terms of figuring out protocols moving forward.
  22. Yeah, and to get ahead of myself, I was too broad before to say it’s a privacy violation to ask for vaccine info.... International travel, working in industries like school, healthcare, etc. , and joining certain organizations have policies in place to request that info. I’m fully on board with it. The task seems too difficult for simple things like entering a grocery store, or going to a restaurant.
  23. As I said, I don't think it's enforceable. However, we are seeing some places come out with strong vaccination policies ... but we'll see if they are able to keep that. As I said, I have very mixed feelings about it. Private companies have a better ability to try and create policies for their own places of businesses, but we'll see. I mean, we only have one of these pandemics once a century. And it's not over yet ... but we are truly on the downside of the mountain now.

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