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  2. Sending good thoughts for continued healing! (Sorry the Twins didn't help with that today!)
  3. Started turning the corner today. They've turned down the oxygen twice now. Hopefully on the road to going home.
  4. So sorry you had to go through this! You story stands as an example that this is not over yet. I'm glad you were vaccinated for as bad as this was for you, it could have been worse ... glad it wasn't.
  5. I've been in the hospital since getting back my positive test results late last Thursday. I got the test the Tuesday morning before that. I was regularly taking my temp while waiting. Bounced between 100 and 103. After I got the result I was at 104. This is the worst illness I have ever had. I had the Pfizer vaccine back in March/April. But it still hit me hard. It has been traced back to 9-3 where I was at the Luke Bryan concert. No mandates, no showing vaccinations. This has been hell. Nevever lost sense of taste or smell but has most other symptoms. Plus picked up a bacterial infection. I don't wish this on anyone.
  6. One thing everyone is missing on the Afghanistan thing.... When Pompeo was negotiating an exit from Afghanistan, he was not negotiating with the "Afghan government." He was negotiating with the Taliban. This clearly illustrates the government the US installed was never in control. Installing a minority government has never worked when the US has tried it, which is compoundedly stupid as the US has only tried it after European governments tried it in the same parts of the world in the past. I don't know why the US decided to try to pick up the messes that European colonialism manufactured. Biden is right to nix that, but nixing it does not absolve us of responsibility. Having given this some deeper thought, a better exit strategy should have been put into place.
  7. I'm not concerned with his mental state, but there is some Carter-level incompetence going in Washington. Biden is a part of the problem, but Congress is worse. Like Charlie Brown, the Democrats can't resist trying to kick the football, and the Republicans will always pull the ball away. It only takes one side acting in bad faith to destroy bipartisanship. The Democrats should stop looking for promises and expect action. The filibuster has to go. The filibuster simply gives cover to politicians who do not want to go on the record with an unpopular vote. That's literally the only point in it. If someone wants to kill a bill, fine, let them do it by voting on the floor. Also, if the Senate Parlimentarian does not go along with what the Democrats want, fire him or her and get another one. The majority party makes the rules. Harris is a major disappointment. I was a huge fan of hers until she attacked Biden in the primaries. I decided Biden was a bigger man than I was after he buried the hatchet and gave her another chance. After seeing her in action, I've since decided that I was right when I decided she's not competent, and heck not a good person.
  8. I think you tell by how good or not you felt about voting/not voting for him to begin with
  9. Joe Biden has always had the public speaking abilities of a frog. The stuttering, the lack of charisma, how do you tell?
  10. Seems to me we've spent 6 months being a more stable country with lots of things happening that are demonstrably awesome for most Americans. If Biden needs to hand the reigns to Kamala....I'm fine with that. I don't see what there is to fret about. Joe Biden has never been the type to put himself before his country. We elected a genuinely good person, let's just be happy about that and let things happen as they happen. I won't feed inane right-wing talking points any oxygen.
  11. My Dad had dementia. I understand first hand your concerns.
  12. Yes I should have said until Harris is named as the replacement. I don’t take it lightly throwing around Alzheimer’s accusations. My grandma was just diagnosed with the horrendous disease last month, and her short term memory is non existent now. I am worried about him in the future.
  13. Before a replacement is named? That replacement is already named. And her name is Kamala Harris. But Afghanistan is a mess. We should never have gotten in there to begin with. (Thank you, Pres. Bush.) And we shouldn't have committed more to it. (Thank you, Pres. Obama.) And we shouldn't have let a buffoon sabotage peace talks and retreat with the Taliban making today's situation worse. (Thank you, Pres. Trump.) And then poorly handling the ultimate pull-out, that was already promised and committed to by the previous administration. (Thank you, Pres. Biden.) I don't know how you blame one president for this ... and believe me, Biden deserves blame ... without blaming them all. I didn't hear his press talk today, but I heard the previous one, and I didn't have a question about his mental competency, as @Vanimal46 is claiming. It doesn't feel or sound like a repeat of the Reagan era with a sitting president engulfed in Alzheimer's as Reagan was. But then, Alzheimer's affects people differently, as does all kinds of dementia. Time will tell. I trust (waveringly and questionably but still do more than I don't) those surrounding Biden to be a bit more forthcoming than those who surrounded Reagan were (as in, they were not at all forthcoming, as Reagan shouldn't have run for a 2nd term) but we will see.
  14. I will preface this intro by saying we had very little choice but to go with Biden as our president. Another 4 years of Trump would have been disastrous. But I must say I am very concerned about Biden’s mental state. During the election, he sat back in the final months and allowed Trump to dig his grave. During that time there were murmurs Biden’s memory and cognition may be declining. The last few press conferences I’ve watched of him regarding Afghanistan has me gravely concerned that he is dealing with early on set Alzheimer’s. His answers are written on papers in front of him, and he’s only calling on people where he knows prior what the question will be. Anything off script exposes this weakness. Biden was always thought of as a one term president. But 6 months in, I’m not sure he will make it 4 years before a replacement is named.
  15. I got Moderna and if I need a third shot around mid-October I will be very happy to get it.
  16. I must have been a couple weeks behind you, because I had my J&J shot cancelled. I'm Pfizered now.
  17. I’ll be interested in finding out if J&J will require booster shots. I got that one in early April before the blood clot info came out… Only Pfizer has made this announcement according to the link. I’m also interested if booster shots will remain a free offering like the initial shot.
  18. US will recommend getting booster shots after 8 months
  19. @TwinsDr2021 and @Dman ... Your discussion has gone afield of the OP in discussing Simmons, therefor I've moved you posts to a more appropriate location on our website. We don't want to discourage conversation, but discussing Covid without relating it to Simmons moves it off topic into a broader discussion. Thanks.
  20. No issue with that at all. Treating people with respect goes a lot further than the other way around. I am just passionate about it because I don't want people to needlessly die. I do have friends that have had family members die of Covid and none of them had gotten the vaccine. A stance like Simmons where he is creating doubt just irks me because he could change someone's mind and then that person might be someone that dies of this terrible disease. I just want people to be safe, to be healthy to live a good life. The best odds of accomplishing that are by getting the vaccine.
  21. Vaccines don't keep you from getting it. They keep you from being hospitalized or from death. No info yet on those who get vaccinated then get it, what the long-haul affects are. That's why it's best to still be cautious, even if vaccinated.
  22. We are all aware of a certain demographic that has been conditioned to put personal freedom and liberty above all things. (Though they all tend to think and look alike, that's a different conversation). Some of this group's views: - Mask wearing is an infringement upon personal freedoms - Vaccines too - Anti-Abortion That last one is interesting. In Roe v. Wade, the majority opinion wrote that states do not have the ability to restrict personal freedoms, those exact words, and thus states cannot restrict abortion.
  23. Tested negative, thank goodness. I truly hoped there will be an endpoint to this. But I’m realizing this is going to be a continuous process learning to live with it. It’s not an event that will end.
  24. When the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, written in the decision that was verbiage that stated that states could essentially do whatever they want to "fight voter fraud." What has every new voting law this year shared in common? That's right, a claim that the point of the new laws is to fight voter fraud.
  25. If there is a conspiracy, it seems more likely it would be from the churches in the area who run that hospital who are happily taking all that cash after ensuring people like him don't take preventative measures.

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