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The MOST important element in Molly vs DM




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The issue is NOT who can get the most out of the Twins younger players...


Its not really about style...either.....


I find it interesting that there is emphasis on both Sano abd Buxton basically endorsing Molitor...which may not be the case at all. They might be just saying, and I think they are..that Molitor is knowledgeable and helped them.


We can debate all day long the merits of either to manage the twins..but this is going to come down to one thing...


Who will put the fans in the seats? In that case, DM is the clear winner...


There is one Caveat though..if DM fails....then how do you resuscitate a dead horse?



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Why is "DM the clear winner". I think the casual fan is going to flock more to a hall-of-famer from St. Paul than to someone who played first base for the Twins a few years back.

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I think we really need to take a realistic view of Mint.  He's getting a lot of credit for the Miracle's success, which is fine.  However, with the talent they had, I don't think these last couple of seasons necessarily proves that he is a great managerial candidate (it also doesn't prove that he is not).  My point is this: pick him if you think he has what it takes to be a great manager but don't pick him based on a very short run of success.  We just fired a guy with a better track record in that regard.

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Oldgoat, if you like Dave Martinez because he was with Maddon, remember that Gene Glynn came from the Rays organization as well. I think Gene Glynn is getting far far too little attention as a real candidate to replace Gardy.

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In no way am I questioning whether Dave Martinez would make a good manager, but whenever there is an opening for a manager, his name comes up.  Yet he's never seemed to get past the early discussion stages.  I just wonder what GM's see when they bring him in.......I still think it ends up being Molitor.  I posted on another article that while most people dont buy tickets to see a manager, there is some financial value in naming a hall of fame Minnesota native/legend to the job.  Not that this makes him a better choice, but it is there.....

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