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Santana HAS to play CF.....




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Danny Santana is the Twins best player. Twins will make room for him wherever..problem....Twins have a terrific shortstop....(who can not play cf)


The best chance for the Twins to win...is to play both Santana and Escobar...and there aren't many options.


Trade Dozier? Now thats a possibility...but Dozier had a very good year...but so did Escobar and Santana.


Play Escobar at 3b? Plouffe actually had a good year...(lead the league in Doubles)


So Shafer has earned a chance not a 4th outfielder, but as a starter, Arcia? He will play..until he proves he can't


Even if Buxton was healthy, could he start right now, no


Utility Player - Nunez..is a terrific option...


4th outfielder? Parmelee a decent option...(this one could be improved)


The Twins really dont need to improve the position situation...ALL of their woes are related to Pitching and to a lesser extent defense...


As bad as the coaching is..nothing changes until the pitching improves dramatically



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Santanna would be a better CF than Buxton? You are right, he has to play. But the answer to the following question tells a lot?

Can he play IF at Bert's major league level? We don't know cuz Gardy has dug in his heels. If he can, and if he is the Twins best player, then either EE, or BD, or Plouffie have to move. If he can't, it leaves only left field. There are no tea leaves that show Buxton failing so far, and while Arcia is way too exciting defensively, if his bat does not carry him, I will relinquish my TD profile. Yes he is a bit of a butcher out there, but I still have not seen anyone play RF well here, that overhang is good looking and makes a nice place to plant flowers. As for DH'ing Arcia, there are two things the Twins do not need. DH's and first baseman. While I agree he has to play, if one is thinking past June of next year, CF is not going to be the spot.



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Gardenhire is not even playing Santana at short while Escobar is out!  We have centerfielders playing right and left and a shortstop in center.  Santana should get all the starts at shortstop for the rest of the year. Put either Hicks or Schafer in center, and Nunez can play left or right as well as Santana plays center, and they are all in the game if that is what Gardenhire is trying to accomplish.  Personally, I don't get it at all, and he said a few weeks ago that he wanted to see Santana at short.  Actions speak a lot louder than words, always.

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This might be the first time I have ever agreed with you Huhguy. My counter to the argument is one I have been using all September. The season was lost months ago. Now is not the time to play your best players, now is the time to find out what you have in the rookies for next year. While Escobar and Suzuki might be the best SS and C on the roster, you need to find out what you have in Santana, Pinto, and Hicks so you can continue to build for the future.

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In this post, at this time, I am not debating the values of Gardenhire as the manager next year and his merits to do so, or not to do so.


But I AM frustrated than here in September, for whatever reason in a lost season, we aren't just opening the floodgates and letting EVERYONE play and participate. And that means Santana at SS, no disrespect or dismissal of Escobar, Pinto at C, Hicks in CF along with Shafer out there as well. Are we trying to see what we have for 2015 or trying to pad 2014 final numbers?

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I think it's time to stop thinking of Santana as a shortstop and start thinking of him as the starting center fielder for the Twins. He has earned/won the position. The same can be said for Escobar at shortstop. He has also earned/won the position. You cannot play two starters in one position (shortstop). You would then open up center field again while forcing Escobar into a utility role again. Why? You have two positions filled with capable starters.


So what about Buxton? What about him? He is not on the team yet. He may never be on the team. He is a highly rated prospect, but he is still just a prospect. Some prospects never pan out. All the talk on Buxton is that he will eventually make the team and play really well. Eventually. Some day. But he still has a ways to go. His 2014 season was pretty much a wasted year and he will have to replay his season at AA. He has not faced any higher level talent yet. He will be at least a year or two away.


As for some of the other fringe players on the major league roster, Hicks appears to be headed as a 4th outfielder, Parmalee's position appears to be taken by Vargas, Nunez looks like the utility player, Shafer could be in the mix for an outfield spot.

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I sure agree with you except on Hicks, I think he is toast and Parmelee would be a better option for 4th outfielder....otherwise you and I think just alike

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Hicks should be in the mix for center next year but no way he ends up being a 4th outfielder already. If he doesn't win the starting job, then he needs to be the starter in Rochester. He's still young enough to figure it out.


Agreed that in the short run, they need both Santana and Esco in the lineup. However, short is such an important position that the potential upside of Santana playing there is worth a look.

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