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Deduno needs to be de-done-o

Dr. Evil



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Too much quality on the farm to keep running Samuel out there. Bring on the most ready farm hand now. I see no reason to wait.



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What an ignorant comment. Remember Mr Hughes latest blunder? This was a bad start,maybe the worst I have seen him. Over his last four starts, two have been ok, (not a loss)


And two have been spectacular. How does that stack up with the rest of the staff? Gibson yes was very good in his last outing but he has layed some eggs as well...


The Three best starters on this team are Hughes, Deduno, and Gibson, So if you dont know baseball..by all means make these ignorant observations.


Lastly, for the last two years once Deduno starts to go bad, he has gone into a funk...he didnt pitch much today but if this happens again they need to skip a start and try again.

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If we are going to start cutting chaff then we need to start with Corria. Deduno is not what is holding this team back by any stretch of the imagination.

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I assumed you had Correia ahead of Deduno on the De-Done-o list. :) however I could cut Deduno a little more slack, a couple more starts maybe. He's got so much movement on his pitches he's nice to have around. Unfortunately not a lot of movement today.

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All pitchers lay eggs.  Yesterday was certainly one for Deduno.  Have you been watching Gibson?  1 Great performance followed by 1 terrible?  Nolasco? Which Nolasco will show up?


Dedunos body of work until yesterday had been above average.


Please dont buy into the pundits criticism of Deduno.   That said, three more of what we saw yesterday and I will enlist your arma.

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