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Nice write-up John. I have come to believe that it is all about the money with the Twins. You have convinced me more-so. I wish it wasn't so, but if the Twins do not do something to defuse this suspicion this off season - I will walk away, becoming an exclusive St. Louis Cardinals fan.

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Cardinals fan, Bark? Really? I love you like a brother my friend, and Veronica is like a sister to me, and it hurts me to think that you could root for a team that has a red bird on their jersey. Surely you realize that cardinals are the flying rats of the bird kingdom and have been known to eat worms after a rainstorm.


As for John's head versus heart dilemma, I feel your pain. Justin has long been one of my favorite players and I share your feeling that this seems like a move that was designed mainly to put $2.6 million into the Pohlad coffers. Then I wonder if maybe that $2.6 million may eventually go towards a free agent or something else that will help going forward. Like many issues that we are seeing, it may take months to make an accurate assessment. If the PTBNL turns out well and/or the Twins sign Morneau next year then my heart will feel better. Otherwise, I will feel that this was a cheesy move to save money by disrespecting a player who has made huge contributions and disrespecting the fans by dishonoring a player who has earned their appreciation.

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