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So, Rodon now? Dansby?




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I would've love having Correa back, as much as every Twins fan probably did. But he got a massive contract we would've never matched in the first place. I don't know the direction this front office goes this offseason. Rodon is very much at play, so is Dansby. A Luis Arraez for Pablo Lopez deal also isn't out of the question. Here's 3 things I want to see the Twins do with Correa gone. 


1. Sign Rodon, Dansby, one of them. Getting one would be ideal and increase the celling of this team. In this case on who I would want to sign, probably Rodon. Kyle Farmer is a pretty solid holdover at short until Lewis can come back and get SS reps. 

2. Get another veteran bat for the lineup. A Nelson Cruz reunion? I don't know if we want to sign a 42 year old, but Cruz would be great veteran leadership for a team that doesn't really have that long term veteran on the team. 

3.  If we do indeed trade Arraez for a good pitcher, I want to sign somebody who could play 1B and also DH. somebody like a Trey Mancini. 



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Swanson would be OK at a reasonable price, but I don't see that happening. May be better off with Farmer until Lewis can come back and see how he does. If he can't get the job done well there is still Lee who would have another season in the minors. Not a big fan of the Rodon idea though. IMO would be better extending what we have in Mahle, and see how Maeda and Gray look. Maybe extending them also.

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We don't need a SS, just go with Farmer until Lewis is ready.  Try and get Rodon but the only way we get him is if we stupidly overpay and give him the terrible 7 years he wants.  He does not want to pitch for us, he wants to pitch for  a contender.  He is also no worth the 30mil a year.  

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I think Farmer/Lewis is probably the move, as the market will allow for Dansby to sign WAY above what he should probably be paid. That being said... after last year and what feels like a reoccurring problem of key players missing significant time due to injury, I wouldn't mind slightly overpaying for Swanson. Especially since it would seem Rodon has no intention of playing baseball in the snowy north. Swanson played every game the covid year, and 160/162 the last two seasons. He may not be Bogaerts with the bat or Correa with the glove, but he isn't crazy far off with either. Give me a guy that'll hit .265 with some pop, great defense, and slot him at SS EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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