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Soto trade fallout

Doc Munson



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Is there an opportunity for some future considerations as a result of the Soto trade to the Padres?

Eric Hosmer had declined a trade, and now with Soto and his $ coming on, just how desperate are the Padres to move his contract?  He is still a decent player.

The Padres have given up a ton to get both Soto and Bell, this creates a huge logjam for their roster. Just how badly do the Padres want to resolve this?


What if a team would take on Hosmer's deal if they throw in  a James Wood or Luis Campusano?  Woods is a young potential stud, Campusano is a near MLB ready catcher, which would be a position of need.

Hosmer is owed "only" $13M each year over the next 3, assuming he does not opt out. That is not a brutal contract. It is less than we would be paying Sano, and with Kiriloff and his balky wrist now a question mark going forward and the possibility of Miranda going back to 3B next year, he could actually be a good fit..


Lets say Austin Martin and maybe a lower pitching prospect for Hosmer and one of Woods or Campusano  and Joshua Mears.


Would Hosmer waive his no trade to go to a "contender" in the Twins vs Washington?



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It's hard for me to respect Hosmer as a player or person at this point. He's been nothing but a boat anchor to the Padres since he signed. The least he could have done is taken one for the team, declined his player options and hit free agency next year fairly. I honestly would have loved to see San Diego DFA him on September 1st, just after he became ineligible for the playoffs since they're going to pay for him anyway.

I suppose it's just the same as when teams screw over their prospects with service time manipulation, etc. 

I think I'm just a fair is fair, 8hrs work for 8hrs pay kind of person.

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I had wished that the Twins had included Sano in their earlier trade and taken on Hosmer and also got Campusano. I also wish they had dangled, at that time, Strotman, and taken on the Snell salary. The Twins could've afforded both and made San Diego very happy. Hosmer as a 1B/DH. We got a future catcher. A lefty starter. Lots of dollars spent. Strotman might've been tantalizing back then. Probably could've thrown in a Gipson-Long at that time, too. And San Diego might've sent some $$$ along in the deal, too.

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