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Twins need a new pair of Sox

Doc Munson



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You like that one? you see what I did there?   Yeah I know  to be honest not really a fan of that pun either, but it fits so it stays.

Twins are proving (and rightly so) that we are not in the running for any REAL  big name FA.  We just do not have the prospects or young players to move...Unless you want to try and flip Correa since he aint coming back and hope to sell AND contend. 


With just a 1 game lead in the division, and little chance of a WC if we lose the division, Twins are at risk of falling completely out of the playoff picture. As mentioned we don't have the prospects to make significant moves. and even though Correa wont resign anyways, the Twins not making any significant moves will give him ZERO reason to opt in. Which makes this an even BIGGER trade deadline than for most teams.  There are some players available. and I like Rodon, but to me the play is to call the Red Sox and make a combo offer for rentals JD Martinez and Eovaldi.

Due to them being rentals, AND expensive rentals, you wouldnt have to give up a ton for either. SO why not grab both??

How about something like Spencer Steer and Aaron Sabato for the pair.

at 23 years old and only in High A Sabato doesnt seem to fit but has that power potential.  Steer is darn near ML ready but with Polanco and Arraez here he is disposable.

JD would bring a massive bat to this lineup, and Eovaldi is a proven starter.


And on a side note (and this is the final time I will bring it up)...  How this season has been going, and how the deadline is shaping up, Thsi is EXACTLY why moving Chase Petty  was a mistake to start the year!!!  YES Sonny Gray has been great when healthy, and yes we may not even be here without him, and yes we have him for another year,  BUT even with him we are barely hanging on to the playoff spot, and now we are without one more top prospect that could have gotten us that top player.  As I said when the trade happens. Moving Petty (a fresh #1 pick with a big arm) is ok to do... If it is the move that puts you over the top, NOT the move that just puts you in position to compete.


Deadline is tomorrow, and there will be a ton of griping either way, but with the way our minor league pitchers have fared, and with the injuries to all of our 1st year player/prospects,  I wont even blame Falvine, if they do little at this point. We have little to buy with.

But what also will be interesting... how many of these subpar season pitching prospects are going to have to be protected on the 40 man and not be exposed to the Rule 5? Do we need to move any of them now to get SOMETHING for them anyways?


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