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Could Buxton go to the IL? (Friday July 29)

Doc Munson



Twins Video

Not sure what will happen, top of the 6th.  Will Buxton coem out of the game? they are down a ton so I am guessing he will be taken out for "rest" since the game is out of hand, 


BUT beware!!!!

If you DVR the game watch his AB in the 6th.  he reinjures the knee on the second pitch of the AB. He CLEARLY injures the knee on the swing. Then in every subsequent pitch he is flexing it, bending it, doing little jumps and he cant seem to handle any pressure/torque on the knee especially the one he struck out on.

Maybe it is nothing, maybe he plays CF the rest fo the game. But I am guessing he comes out of the lineup and will be put on actual IL instead of just load management.


If this happens, then what do the Twins do?


Do they suddenly become sellers? and move Correa for a possible haul? Immediately cut bait on Sano? 


thatAB in the 6th just really scared me!!!




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I think they should DL Buxton as soon as it is clear they are out of the race, which shouldn't be too long. Give him time to heal up before doing some permanent damage.

Also, why are they wasting at bats on Sano when they could be getting someone with potential major league skills some experience. Ahhh, the ghost of David Ortez continues to haunt the Twins. Sano is never going to be another Big Papi. Give it up already.

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9 hours ago, terrydactyls said:

Buxton finished the game in center field and stole a base in the 8th.  Didn't look hurt to me.

Every time he dove back into a base it looked painful.  After he stole he base, I wasn't sure if he could get up.

Maybe he was watching old video of Joe Morgan, who always looked like he was in too much pain to walk, but was great at stealing bases.

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