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What is a bunt?

Jeff D.



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Dockside Market (6) 4-Oz Honeybell Orange Mini Bundt Cakes ,OrangeWell it isn't this! As much as I love the Twins (and bundt cake too), it drives me to frustration when small ball could be used but isn't. With a number of terrible at bats in the losing effort against the dreaded Cleveland team, we proved we can swing and miss, but alas, cannot bunt.

I would agree that when you have your meat of the lineup coming to bat with men on first and second perhaps a bunt may be the last approach to be used. My issue with that would be when we have attempted the Twins way, which seems to be trying the launching pad approach and have very little outcome from it, I continue to see zero variation from our dugout, juice spitting, fearless leader.

Ultimately it is up to the players to earn their pay and unleash their skill sets. However, our leader has made it pretty publicly known that he has a game plan and will generally stick with it.

Ozzie G. called us the "piranha's" and that was worn as a badge of honor all the way into October failure. But it was our badge of honor and a wonderful compliment. I am hearing all the stuff about Professor Baldelli being the fourth winningest manager in baseball. Well Twins fans who may read this, how does this feel? We had a pretty good lead a couple week back, and now we do not. 

I'll be cheering the rest of the way and eat my cake and enjoy it, 

Go Twins!

The Geezer



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Rocco has that record based on a couple of seasons of "bomba" ball. I don't think the guy can actually manage, just play odds that are spit out of a computer on spread sheet. Now the ball has changed, the game has changed, other teams are running more and starting to play more small ball, but that's not on Rocco's spread sheet yet. On the few occasions we have seen the Twins bunt it has been the players doing it on their own according to reports.

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