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Well T-giving has passed and Xmas has come early..  Today, I just received a copy of Derek Falvey's business planner from a disgruntled FO employee wishing to make public DF's plans starting in August 2021 thru opening day 2022.  For brevity sake I have removed all the confusing algorithms, statistics, and doodlings that comprise most of these pages, but the words are his!   Hope you enjoy this rare insight into the brain of Derek Falvey!!

Aug.  2021

1. Make up list of all preseason pitching Minor League FAs and add to roster as spaces open up.  Need to see who looks promising for 2022 pen.  Just can't understand why none of my prized draft pitchers from the past 5 years haven't yet made a contribution to our big league bullpen?  Maybe trading Pressley was a little premature.

2. Confer with Rocco and staff about feasibility of reinstituting pregame practice now that season is down the tubes.  Make sure this act does not lower team morale, especially the young players.

3. Reminder: contact BB's agent to renew contract talks.

Sept. 2021

1.  Tell Rocco to keep Barnes in the rotation.  He looks like a late bloomer.

2. Looks like we've found our bullpen closer for next year.  Alcala pitching much better now that pressure is off.

2.. Glad Rocco brought back Refsnyder.  Love to see these bargain basement veterans succeed at big league level!

4. Reminder: contact BB's agent to renew contract talks.

Oct. 2021

1. Season finally over!  No more worries about presiding over team's record-breaking playoff loss streak.

2.  Excited about having the #8 first round draft choice next year.  Should be some excellent power hitters to supplement our DH/corner OF depth in the first round.  Of if we get lucky, might be able to find an under-the-radar HS SS we can develop into a utility player.  Be still my heart!!

3,  Filled two huge offseason needs;  Hitting Instructor and Bench Coach.  Whoopee!!  Saved a ton of money hiring Mary  from Dodger Org.  Who cares if he never coached higher than Class A.?  He is a statistical whiz and is raw enough to listen to FO suggestions.  Veteran bat coaches are a dime a dozen, but it takes a sharp mind like mine to ferret out the unpolished gems.   And grabbing Tingler from the Pods is a real coup.  He'll be a great asset in restoring team morale by providing strong leadership that Rocco lacks.  His success managing Pods convinced me he would be the best mangerial candidate available if Rocco continues to fail on fundamental instruction.

4. Reminder: contact BB's agent to renew contract talks.

Nov. 2021

1.  Whew, finally got the Cave contract wrapped up.  Worried we might not have capable CF when BB down.  And JP will be thrilled we saved $200K on the budget.  Maybe I'll get a bonus!

2. Working 24/7 to decide on who to add to 40 man roster.  Hate to give up on anyone  now, as team played so much better after trade deadline.  I was particularly worried about losing Enlow as it would make me look bad, given fact he was highest paid 3rd round pick.  I know talent when I see it!  Hard to lose gamers like the Turtle, Gant, Smeltzer, Garlick.  You just can't have enough minor league depth in case of injuries.

3.  Exciting to see our fast-rising prospects in the AZ Fall League.  Wallner looks like he's in the hunt for our DH next year and our pitching prospects look like valuable additions to the pen in 3-4 years.

4. Nov. 15th : Finally vacation time.  Let the contenders overspend on starting pitchers.  We're waiting for the real bargains to filter down.  Thad will keep things at a slow simmer during the GM meetings.  Besides, we haven't yet developed our strategy yet for the offseason(hard to do when JP hasn't issued his budget for 2022).

5. Reminder: must check on long distance service from Mongolia so I can answer any callbacks from BB's agent.

6.  Damn!  Had to cancel rest of vacation as Thad needed my input on whether to tender BB by the new Nov. 30th deadline.  Tough call here, given how hard it's been to schedule a meeting with his agent, but JP put his foot down and said for PR purposes we had to offer BB arbitration.  We were sort of surprised as Jim had earlier said he was reluctant to increase the budget while the virus was still prevelant.

Dec. 2021

1. Glad to see the CBA deadline put a halt to any trades or FA signings.  Frankly, just too much to do yet to determine our offseason plans.  Still big divide in the FO whether to attempt to try to contend in 2022 or rebuild completely.  As usual, no direction from ownership, but of course that's what I love about this job.  Future plans are all in my hands and, being the smartest guy in the room, I can't wait to finalize my new 5 year rebuild plan.  Just have to keep it on the QT.  We have season ticket sales to push!

2.  Returning to Mongolia as not much more can happen without new CBA.  Gave the FO the rest of the month off as a reward for a successful 2021.  Glad we got the BB 2022 contract settled.

Jan. 2022

1. The New Year has started with a bang!  The phone is ringing off the hook now that player transactions have recommenced.  Can't believe how these foolish GM's anxious to trade starters think they can grab any of our prized Top 20 prospects.  I learned from TR that you must always stay in a rebuilding mode, so why would I give up any of our prize draft choices, even though we're a bit short of experienced starters.  We need depth at all positions in the minors and majors if we are ever going to be successful with our rebuild.  Judging from my success in developing a home-grown bullpen from draft choices, why should we change course now.

2. Had a surprise call from Scott on Carlos Rodon.  Said he'd accept a short term 1-2 year contract at $20 MM/yr.  The Fool!  Just think of the risk with this guy.  Scott should know by now that we never take risks!  Just imagine if it went south?  My adoring public would find I have no clothes.

Feb. 2022

1. Finally, my favorite month of the year!  Time to show everyone how smart I really am.  Signed Michael Wacha to be our staff ace and Rich Hill and Pineda to be our #2 & 3 starters, while resigning Colome(just can't believe no one picked this guy up) to close games.  And hit the trifecta when we resigned Simmons fo half his 2021 salary.  All in all a very successful offseason.  Can't wait for ST to start!

Mar. 2022

1.  So nice to be back at Lee Stadium!  First game was today.  Funny no fans showed up.  Hmmm!  Such pessimists these fans are!!




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Yeah, I really am rethinking my Spring Training plans.  It's fun, and I'm not usually too focused on the big-league roster when I am there, but still my enthusiasm overall is at such a low ebb.

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